Andrew Matthews

The Art of "Being Happy"

Andrew Matthews has spoken to over 1000 corporations worldwide in 30 countries on attitude and enjoying work. His clients include HSBC, Citibank, Shell, Toshiba, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Pfizer, Lenovo, Walmart and Honda.

Andrew Matthews is the only professional speaker in the world that draws cartoons as he speaks. Andrew draws with thick markers on large flipcharts. For audiences of 400 or more theatre style, or 200 or more at round tables, a projection screen necessary.

Andrew Matthews’ books, including BEING HAPPY!, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and HOW LIFE WORKS have sold over 8 million copies in 48 different languages.

More about Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews first gained international recognition when world #1 golfer Nick Faldo told the world’s press that BEING HAPPY! had helped him win the British Open. More sporting champions began to read and recommend Andrew’s books.

BEING HAPPY!, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and BEING A HAPPY TEEN are used and recommended by psychiatrists and psychologists to their patients the world over.

Matthews’ books are used as textbooks in schools and universities in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, in the Philippines and even in Iran.

Andrew Matthews talks about:

  • How to be happier – how happy people think
  • Resilience
  • Leadership
  • Habits of successful people
  • How to enjoy your work
  • Bouncing back from disasters and disappointment
  • Embracing change

The presentation and cartoons are customised for each client.

Client testimonials

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