Andrew Klein

Dynamic MC and Presentation Skills Speaker / Trainer

Andrew Klein is a dynamic, educational, thoroughly entertaining and extremely thought-provoking MC, presentation skills trainer and keynote presenter.

Using a mix of professionalism, light humour, audience interaction and lots of prior research, Andrew has hosted, facilitated, trained and team-built at countless events, conferences, awards dinners and road shows for a wide variety of companies, associations and organisations.

Such is Andrew’s charm, warmth, and talent that many of his clients use him year in/year out to MC their conferences. Indeed, to some, he has become part of their conference ‘family’ – so familiar does he become with the company culture, jargon and personalities. In fact, on countless occasions delegates have told Andrew that they felt he actually worked for the company, so good was his knowledge and understanding of their industry, jargon, the key people and so on.

As a former litigation lawyer, with many years of experience in public speaking, acting, improvisation and corporate training, Andrew has a great ability to adapt to vastly different audiences. He has worked extensively in the Asia-Pacific region with groups, large and small, in countless industries and professions.

In his presentation skills sessions, Andrew brilliantly pinpoints some of the key areas where corporate presenters can improve the design, structure and delivery of their pitches and presentations. So, whether you present to one person, a small group or a large audience and whether you are a regular ‘talker’ or not, Andrew’s highly entertaining and interactive presentation will invigorate, educate, entertain and inspire your own performance style

His corporate clients include Ernst & Young, MLC, Minter Ellison, Dymocks, Wella NSW Health, IBM, Allianz, Financial Planning Assoc, Westpac, EMC, Suncorp, Aged Care Association Australia, Bayer Healthcare, AGL, Telstra and BT, to name just a few.

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