Anastasia Woolmer

Australian Memory Champion, Professional Dancer & Keynote Speaker

Anastasia Woolmer is a two time Australian Memory Champion and the first woman to win the Australian Memory Champion title in Australia. She is also a former professional ballet dancer who has performed with companies around the world.

Despite leaving school at 15 to join the Australian Ballet School, Anastasia holds a Bachelor of Economics with a GPA of seven out of seven, something she achieved after retiring from professional dance at age 28.

Helping others to improve their memory is at the core of Anastasia’s coaching and speaking work – she believes that everyone can improve their cognitive abilities and memory. She often appears in the media as a memory expert and her inspirational Tedx describes how she learnt to exercise her memory. Anastasia appeared on the popular reality TV show Australian Survivor in 2019.

Anastasia Woolmer talks about:

  • Anastasia’s inspiring story of how she became a memory champion – with a demonstration of the unique way she learned 100 digits of Pi in under two minutes.
  • How anyone can improve their memory, and how it is life changing – with or without a demonstration of memory.
  • Five strategies you can employ so you can instantly remember more and learn faster.
  • How to persevere and win through difficulty – lessons from being a professional dancer.

Anastasia also facilitates workshops that teach memory techniques. Designed to give usable outcomes – participants come away with an increased ability to remember and learn. Information and techniques covered are tailored to meet the needs of the group, business or industry.

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