Amna Karra-Hassan

Founder of the first ever AFL Women's team in Western Sydney, Auburn Giants

Amna Karra-Hassan is a courageous woman who knows how to kick goals that really count. Widely recognised for her work to promote and create diversity within communities, Amna founded the first ever AFL Women’s team in Western Sydney. She has also worked with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), initiating community engagement strategies, and driving cultural change within the AFP itself.

A powerful keynote speaker, Amna shares her experiences on overcoming adversity, building confidence and resilience, and leading with perseverance and courage.

More about Amna Karra-Hassan:

Amna holds a Bachelor in Organisational Learning from the University of Technology Sydney and has completed the Advanced Leadership Program with the Applied School of Management.

Amna spent nine years working with the Australian Federal Police, leading community engagement strategies, and contributing to the Reform, Culture and Standards portfolio. But Amna is best known for introducing AFL to Western Sydney having founded the GWS Giants. The Club has played a critical role in establishing the game in the region, in introducing women to the sport of AFL and in fostering diverse, inclusive communities.

Amna believes at the heart of innovation, civic participation and community building is a ‘strengths based approach’ and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In her keynote presentations, she shares her stories of collaboration with community leaders, small business owners, local government, traditional and social media, and thought leaders.

She offers insights on how she led the growth of the Auburn Giants, and the importance of leveraging media.

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