Ambre Hammond

Girl Piano Truck

girl piano truck is the inspired concept of classical pianist and composer, Ambre Hammond.

Ambre’s vision is to put a piano in the back of a truck and travel to disadvantaged communities in remote parts of the world, giving free concerts in schools and orphanages. The mission is to share music with the underprivileged to uplift and inspire.

Since 2013, Ambre has taken the project to India, Thailand, East Timor, Belarus and Tanzania.

Some highlights include touring the Philippines in 2015 (Manila, Cebu, Tacloban and Bohol) where she presented 20 concerts in 12 days throughout various orphanages, community centres, a home for the abandoned and elderly people of Manila and a special concert at Payatas – the worlds largest inhabited landfill, home to more than 100,000 people.

Another special performance was in Belarus, where Ambre gave a concert at a psychiatric hospital in Kul, in a remote forest on the outskirts of Minsk.

Due to her humanitarian efforts, Ambre received a nomination for Australian of the Year 2016.

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