Amanda Johnstone

Award Winning Technology CEO, Inventor and Keynote Speaker

Amanda Johnstone is one of Australia’s most globally acknowledged AI technologists and technology communicators, her contributions have been celebrated by TIME as a Next Generation Leader and by The CEO Magazine with the Start-up Executive of the Year award, underscoring her significant impact in social impact technology.In 2023, LinkedIn awarded her as a Top Voice in Artificial Intelligence, one of only 1500 top voices globally of nearly 1 billion users.

Recognised as a subject matter expert in both emerging technology and modern leadership, Amanda lends her insights to esteemed organisations including Commonwealth Bank, The Australian Property Institute, YPO, Zoom, The Australian Digital Health Agency, Allianz, Leap, Kellogg’s, Universal, Stanford, Women Making Waves, The Education Department, Schmidt Futures, Optus, ADMA and Google Cloud, among others. She has built a substantial following on her social audio channel, engaging 300,000 subscribers and reaching tens of millions with content on emerging technologies.

An award winning entrepreneur for over 20 years, it was at the young age of 17, Amanda co-founded award-winning retail chain, Sebachi, in Tasmania. Under the mentorship of Cotton On founder, Nigel Austin, Sebachi became one of Australia’s first e-commerce stores in the early 2000’s.

Amanda has always been passionate about social issues, as Australia’s first Youth Development Officer at 18 in local government at the West Tamar Council – she also took on philanthropic roles in management, policy and strategy in suicide prevention at a youth suicide prevention retreat in Tasmania for fifteen years. Her many personal experiences with suicide, inspired Johnstone to invent her proprietary mental health App, “Be A Looper” and EmotionAI technologies.

Amanda Johnstone talks about:


Embracing ChatGPT and AI Agents:
Gain practical insights and strategies for leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance your business’s productivity and customer engagement. Understand how integrating these technologies can lead to transformative improvements in daily operations.

Navigating the AI-Transformed Workforce:
Learn about the evolving job landscape in the Artificially Intelligent era and how to adapt successfully. Gain valuable knowledge on reskilling and the creation of new roles, along with actionable steps to stay ahead in this changing environment.

Forecasting the Future: Trends and Predictions in Technology:
Get an insider’s view on the latest in Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, and their broad impacts. Discover how to strategically position your organisation to benefit from these emerging trends.

EmotionAI: How AI and The Human Body will Converge:
Explore the revolutionary intersection of human biology and technology. Understand the impact of the Internet of Bodies in various sectors and how to harness its potential for health, education, and human optimisation. Understanding how facial and emotion recognition software, alongside body and brain to computer interfaces are already being deployed in events and schools globally.

Ethics in the Age of Data: Balancing Innovation and Privacy:
Delve into the critical balance between technological advancement and ethical responsibility. Gain insights into navigating privacy, fairness, and transparency in AI, along with methods for managing biases and building trust.

Wearable and Implantable Tech: The Future of Personal Technology:
Discover how emerging wearable and implantable technologies are reshaping personal and professional experiences. Learn to anticipate and adapt to these advancements for future success.

Augmented and Virtual Reality, Implantables, Ingestibles and Wearable Devices:
Get a glimpse into the future of digital innovation. Understand the implications for businesses and individuals and learn how to prepare for the tech landscape of the near future.

Navigating the Metaverse: A New Digital Frontier:
Explore the endless possibilities of the Metaverse and its impact on digital interaction. Learn how these virtual environments offer new avenues for business, creativity, and personal connections.

Healthcare Transformed: Digital Innovations in Medicine:
Discover the latest digital advancements in healthcare and their transformative effects. Understand how these innovations are reshaping medical practices and patient care.

Augmented Reality: Blending Worlds:
Explore how augmented reality is revolutionising various industries. Gain insight into its applications and potential to change the way we interact with the digital and physical worlds.

Smart Cities: The Intersection of Technology and Urban Life:
Understand how emerging technologies are revolutionising urban living. Learn about the development of smarter, more connected cities and how to be at the forefront of this urban transformation.


Modern Leadership: Empowering Change through Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion:
As an award-winning CEO in social impact and STEM, Amanda embodies the essence of next-generation leadership, defined by empathy, diversity, and inclusion. Her approach mirrors the traits of the world’s most disruptive entrepreneurs, leading with purpose to catalyse positive change. Amanda demonstrates that visionary leadership is not an inherent trait but a cultivated mindset, guiding individuals and organisations to new heights.

In 2024, Amanda delves deeper into intersectionality and the critical role of leaders in fostering teams that feel valued within a social economy. She addresses vital aspects of modern leadership, including meta leadership, sustainable development goals, and vulnerability, with a focus on inclusion and diversity.

Her success and recognition in business and leadership have positioned her as a pioneer in areas like productivity, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. Amanda also emphasises the importance of nurturing future leaders and individual wellness.

With her dynamic leadership frameworks, she tackles crucial issues like mental health, well-being, sleep, and performance mindset. Amanda’s strategies incorporate insights from neuroscience and psychology, providing holistic solutions for peak performance, combatting executive burnout, and navigating connectedness in a remote workplace.

Join Amanda in 2024 for an insightful journey into the heart of modern leadership, where the focus is on creating a more inclusive, empowered, and well-rounded workplace and world.

Women in Leadership: Embracing Diversity, Inspiring Inclusion:
“Leadership is about creating space where all voices are heard and valued.” – Amanda Johnstone

Amanda Johnstone, a trailblazer in leadership and STEM, brings her unique perspective to International Women’s Day 2024 and beyond. With the theme #InspireInclusion, Amanda’s keynote encapsulates the essence of empowering women in leadership and across diverse fields.

Expect a keynote filled with personal anecdotes, evidence-based strategies, and actionable insights. Amanda’s message is clear: the rise of women in leadership is a journey of collaboration and mutual respect, not a competition between genders. It’s about embracing change and working together to create a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can succeed based on their capabilities and aspirations.

Her keynote will explore the evolution from the era of power suits to a more inclusive and empathetic leadership style. Amanda’s story of seeking mentorship from Nigel Austin at 16 years of age and her approach to building diverse teams highlights the importance of asking for help, offering help and embracing vulnerability.

Amanda’s mantra, “Only when diverse perspectives are included, respected, and valued can we start to get a full picture of the world,” is a testament to her belief in inclusive leadership. She emphasises the need for leaders to be authentic, to acknowledge their own areas of growth, and to foster an environment where both men and women can thrive.

In 2024, Amanda will delve into how leaders can #InspireInclusion by:

  • Forging women’s economic empowerment and promoting their leadership.
  • Creating infrastructures that meet the needs of women and girls.
  • Supporting informed decision-making in health, education, and careers for women and girls.

Drawing from her personal journey, Amanda illustrates that the rise of women in leadership is not a zero-sum game but a collective elevation of all. She challenges gender stereotypes and emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and collaboration between genders for a more inclusive future.



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