Alvin Quah

Celebrity Chef, MasterChef Favourite & Keynote Speaker

Alvin Quah is a Celebrity Chef and former MasterChef Australia contestant who is on a mission to increase awareness of Malaysian Cuisine. With a keen interest in the intersection of food, culture and science, Alvin is also fascinating after dinner speaker. Additionally, he delivers inspiring, educational and entertaining cooking demonstrations.

More about Alvin Quah:

Born in Kuala Lumpur with Chinese Malaysian Heritage, Alvin migrated to Melbourne in 1994 to complete his PhD in Science. With a keen interest, in the sciences, he went on to complete a Biochemistry degree (Bachelor of Science), a PhD in cell biology and the biochemistry of diabetic retinopathy, and post doctorate studies in proteomics in motor neuron disease. Alvin also has basic knowledge in genetics, molecular biology, microbiology and cellular physiology.

Exposed to a rush of Western culture and cuisine, Alvin, true to his science background and with his naturally inquisitive nature, is inspired to see how the two cuisines could be infused in a way that both traditions are respected.

After finishing as a finalist and favourite of MasterChef Australia series two in 2010, Alvin became the ambassador for Asian food giant Ayam, working with them to develop recipes and spread the word about Asian cuisine. He has also hosted Malaysian Kitchen, and worked on Chinese New Year festivities and at prestigious food events like the Good Food Show both in Australia and internationally.

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