Allie Mooney

Speaker, MC & expert on defining personalities for motivation and service

Allison Mooney is a leading authority on Personality Plus and Personalities in Staff Motivation, (dynamic profiling systems). She uses these programs to help clients build teamwork, customer service, and selling skills.

An international MC, corporate speaker and presenter of vast experience, Allison first came to notice for outstanding customer service as Manager of Ansett Golden Wing (Auckland), where her benchmark legendary customer service record was immortalised in the “I can’t – I’ve split my trousers!” advertisement; (part of a group of TV commercials which are based on true life service experience).

During her 12 year sojourn with both Ansett and Managing Qantas’s First Class Lounge, Allison found herself in constant demand to share with others her gift at people relating skills. She soon began fronting corporate seminars on the subject and working in the educational field, to inspire and motivate teenagers.

Allison Mooney’s most sought after presentation deals with understanding people and effectively communicating with them. Regardless of the organisation you are in, the common thread is that we all deal with people. Business transformation occurs when we understand, respect and celebrate each others’ differences. By understanding what motivates us, we find greater significance in who we are, and value in what we do, resulting in greater productivity.

Allison is also valued for her contribution to staff retention. By helping clients to understand people and effectively communicate with them, business leaders sleep better at night, personality clashes can be eradicated and sick days minimized, saving time and money.

Allison Mooney has fronted a very high rated TV program, “Treasure Island” where she was required to use her skill in analysing the 10 contestants. She was also involved in choosing the family for the Real TV program Pioneer House.

Allison’s own presentation style makes for a fun and entertaining program, and importantly, the uncomplicated content generates greater retention and application.

Allison Mooney talks about:

Allison helps her audiences to effectively use using 4 Critical keys of influence effectively:

  • Work out what makes people tick.
  • Speed read others to find out what they really want.
  • See things as they see them (in their shoes)
  • Communicate in a way that makes people want to listen.

Allison Mooney has won numerous  impressive and prestigious awards through the National Speakers Association of New Zealand (Auckland) including:

  • Most Inspirational Speaker of the Year 2007
  • Most Entertaining & Humorous Speaker 2006 & 2008
  • Speaker of the Year 2004/5 (two years running, – a first in the history of NSANZ)
  • Author of the Year 2008
  • Author of the Book ‘Pressing the Right Buttons’
  • People skills for Business success

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