Allana Arnot Corbin

The Sky is Not the Limit

Allana Corbin recovered physically and mentally from a fatal plane crash, to become the first woman to circumnavigate the mainland of Australia solo in a helicopter. Her story of adventure, danger, tragedy and love is truly inspirational.

About Allana Corbin:

Allana Corbin’s aviation career began in 1988, when she began working for Balloon Aloft in tourism marketing, and as member of the ground crew. Allana also began fixed-wing training and skydiving at this time.

On 22nd December 1990, Allana was a crew member on a Search and Rescue mission from Camden Airport, dispatched to locate a missing training aircraft. The plane Allana was in, a Cessna 210, suffered a catastrophic engine failure and crashed.

Allana’s comeback has been described as miraculous – not only has she taught herself to walk again but in 1995, she gained her commercial helicopter licence, and in 1997 became the first woman to circumnavigate Australia solo in a helicopter.

In October 1998, Allana launched her autobiography The Best I Can Be published by Pan McMillan. Her second book Prisoners of the East was launched in October 2002.

Allana is well known for her extensive work with various charity organizations, and her active support of The Tasmanian Air Rescue Helicopter Service. She has held various influential positions, including the Ambassador for the Ability Australia Foundation, as well as a Line Pilot and Public Relations Manager for Rotor-Lift.

As Public Relations Manager for Rotor-Lift, Allana was responsible for establishing The Tasmanian Air Rescue Trust, a charity set up to equip Tasmania’s Air Rescue Helicopter with the highest standard of medical and rescue equipment.

Allana Corbin talks about:

Speaking about overcoming adversity and extending your limits, Allana shares the experiences she has had along the way to realising the sky is not the limit.

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