Alisa and Lysandra Fraser

Interior Designers, Entrepreneurs, TV Personalities

Alisa and Lysandra Fraser are a dynamic duo when it comes to interior design. Best known for their winning appearances on Channel 9’s The Block series, these entrepreneurial sisters have since opened a store, created exclusive designs and developed a strong social media presence.

Alisa and Lysandra speak to audiences about their extraordinary journey of success – from humble beginnings to busy parenthood and entrepreneurial success.

The sisters first appeared on our screens in Channel 9’s The Block – Sky High in 2013. After a successful career in the police force, South Australia’s crime fighting duo hung up their handcuffs to pursue their dream to become interior designers, which kick- started with their appearance on the show.

During their time on The Block they proved very early on that they were a force to be reckoned with. Alisa and Lysandra were the series winners, taking out top prize on auction day and profiting a tidy $395K.

In 2014, Alisa and Lysandra were asked to come back to star in The Block – Fans vs Faves. True to their style, they brought back their design flair and naturally entertaining personalities. The duo were runners up, winning over $600K in prize money.

Alisa and Lysandra collaborated with Channel 9 for the ratings winner Alisa and Lysandra to the Rescue where they completely transformed the run-down house of a very deserving Adelaide family in just four days. The program was a huge success.

Hailed as the Design Duo, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have become the go-to experts for interior transformations, working as interior designers on bespoke properties and collaborating with high profile brands and clients. Beyond their thriving careers, Alisa and Lysandra enjoy busy parenthood that is perfectly balanced with their exciting entrepreneurial lifestyle. Their humble beginnings along with their natural entrepreneurial flair have seen them enjoy online success through their store, their exclusive designs, and their ever-growing social media communities and public appearances.

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