Adam Dovile

Builder, TV Presenter, MC & Host

Adam Dovile is the resident builder on Channel Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens. Described as “an affable chippie and family man”, he won the fan-voted 2016 Logie award for Best New Talent.

With his outgoing personality and popular television profile, Adam Dovile is the ideal host or MC for your next event. He is also available for public appearances.

Adam Dovile grew up in Melbourne in a close-knit, hard-working Italian family. He spent his younger years working in his parents’ pizza shop and, having found a passion for working with his hands, decided to pursue a trade in carpentry. Adam qualified as a carpenter in 2015 and gained his unlimited building licence for domestic building in 2011.

Adam Dovile’s career in television commenced in 2014 when he and his wife Lisa won season two of House Rules. He was invited to join Better Homes and Garden the following year as the team’s resident builder and on the same day that he won the fan-voted 2016 Logie award for Best New Talent, he became a father.

Adam is a strong supporter of the charity Habitat for Humanity and in 2015 travelled with his wife Lisa to Nepal under the charity’s guidance. There he assisted in building houses for up to 40 families living in a slum community. The project aimed to empower struggling families, via a tiny interest free loan, to own their homes.

Adam’s passion for carpentry lies in extensions and renovations because he prefers the challenges that come with working and blending with an existing structure. When working with people, he encourages them to think about the spaces they live in and how they can be adapted for practical, functional living, taking into account concepts for green living, maximising insulation and natural light to save on energy consumption and bills. Additionally, Adam enjoys inspiring people to take on the challenge of fixing minor and everyday problems that occur in the home, and in doing so, to avoid the need to hire a handyman.

Through his many television and public appearances, Adam Dovile shares his wealth of expertise and enthusiasm for intelligent domestic construction.

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