Shara Evans

Technologist, Futurist & Speaker

Shara Evans is one of the world's top female futurists. Drawing on her engineering background, she has a unique and intelligent perspective of how society is likely to respond to new technologies.

Shara works with executive, strategy and product teams to help them understand new product and service opportunities being underpinned by emerging technologies.

She gets organisations to think outside the box of what's available today to imagine the world in five or 10 years. Additionally, Shara Evans assists them to commercialise these concepts into innovative new products and services.

In her keynote speeches, Shara brings together the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge research projects, tying them into strategic insights for a wide range of industries.

Shara Evans has crafted a unique career in the technology industry, with roles spanning software engineering, program management, sales and marketing. She is the founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analyst firm. Shara also founded Telsyte (which she sold to publicly listed UXC). She is a regular media commentator on technology issues - appearing on shows such as Sky News, The Drum, 7:30 and is regularly quoted in publications such as the Financial Review, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and many others.

Shara Evans speaks about

  • Gadgets! Latest types of wearables (biz focus) - including smart clothing
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, 3D visualisation
  • Implantable + ingestible technologies, nanotech, brain machine interfaces
  • Biometrics
  • FinTech disruptors (NFC, P2P, crypto currency, blockchain)
  • Cyber security + privacy
  • Internet of Things
  • Home automation
  • Smart Cities / Cities of the Future? 
  • Sensor networks
  • 3D printing
  • Next generation vehicles (connected car, driverless vehicles)
  • Drones
  • Robotics (the impact of automation)
  • Artificial intelligence (the next wave of big data)

Client testimonials

I have worked with Shara for many years on our annual industry events where she has participated as a expert speaker and chair. I have always found Shara to be most professionally competent and personally charming, as well as liked and appreciated by our hundreds of client delegates. She has been a key driver of the success of our events.


We required data on the Tier 3 telecommunications sector and no other research house could help us, except Market Clarity. Shara was quick to jump to the task and turned around data in a matter of days. Shara is professional, reliable and clearly an expert in the telecommunications market. We will definitely be working further with Shara to stay abreast of the reseller market as it grows.

Inabox Group and Telcoinabox

Shara’s warm personality and engaging speaking style is an asset to any event and FirstPath would gladly recommend her to host or MC. Her deep understanding of the evolving Telco marketplace and strategy is equally impressive and adds to the occasion.


We’ve been working with Shara Evans for about ten years now, and I’ve seen her speak over many years at many conferences. Her predictions about what’s happening in the future have been spot-on on so many occasions. Shara is now a futurist specialising in telecommunications and technology, and we’re proud to be able to work with her.

eintellego Networks

A well presented and in-depth explanation of conducted research into future technologies.


Shara Evans provided an extremely insightful keynote presentation at the official launch of Queensland Privacy Awareness Week 2016. Shara captured the audience’s attention and held it the entire time by using real world examples with a taste of what the future holds of the challenges and risks facing governments and citizens. Shara’s presentation style is engaging and very easy to listen to. The Office of the Information Commissioner received feedback from attendees, indicating the event was highly effective. One attendee emailed, ‘My colleague and I attended the Privacy Week Launch this morning it was both startling and informative, the keynote speaker was absolutely fantastic

Office of the Information Commissioner, Queensland

Just wanted to extend my thanks to you for attending and speaking at the Benchmark Awards last Thursday. You were so easy to work with in the lead up to the event and took the time to tailor your content to our audience. I have had many glowing reports on how you were the best speaker that we have ever had and even had one request from a broker for your details to be sent through. Thanks for everything and I look forward to working with you soon


Shara demonstrates an uncanny grasp of a broad range of technology (her technical background proving to be an essential asset) along with an understanding of society and its capabilities to absorb new technologies. In 2015 some colleagues at CSIRO/NICTA/Data61 and UNSW and I organized a symposium on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in Sydney, called SDN Down Under, and Shara was one of the first speakers we recruited. Her talk centered on smart cities, which are widely enabled by SDN, but her focus was on how we as urban residents will experience and benefit (or otherwise) from what smart cities can bring us. Some of the ideas were shockingly novel, but not far-fetched. That evening, at the symposium dinner, Shara's presentation dominated the conversation. Shara does her homework, is meticulously prepared, and speaks with conviction and credibility. I felt privileged that she agreed to speak at the symposium, and she raised its take-home value for attendees. Absolutely first-rate.

Open Networking Foundation, Palo Alto

I attended the annual CGU Benchmark Awards on Thursday 1 Sep 16 in Sydney (Cleanaway was a proud winner!), and the keynote speaker was Technology Futurist, Shara Evans. Shara introduced herself to our little group before the event and within few minutes, we were all looking forward to hearing her speak; Shara is engaging and knowledgeable, and the remarkable technological insights she provided were captivating. I’m quite sure that most, if not all, people present left the awards ceremony with minds blown! Shara has been ahead of the curve her entire working life, and in the sci-fi movie field of technology, that is something in itself. We were all speaking to everyone we came across for the next 2 days about her keynote address. Commendable

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited

The Fraud and Cyber Crime Group, State Crime Command were very privileged to have futurist Shara Evans as a keynote speaker at our Fraud, Cyber and Identity Crime symposium “Triumph Through a Changing World” at the Intercontinental Hotel, Sanctuary Cove, Australia. Shara has a deep understanding of the global landscape and an intuitive ability to identify where technology will lead us in the future. Her thought provoking presentation gave organisations a valuable insight of the future benefits, risks and threats they face as the impact filters through all levels of society. Shara’s captivating presentation was an event highlight and the impetus for discovery, learning and adapting by the delegates as they participated through the symposium

Queensland Police, State Crime Command Fraud and Cyber Crime Group