Rusty & Another Guy

Hilarious musical comedy duo

Rusty Berther, formerly one-half of Australia's favourite musical comedy duo, The Scared Weird Little Guys, and Mike McLeish, the star of Keating! The Musical, have pooled their not inconsiderable musical talents, their quick wits and their silliness as Rusty & Another Guy.

Together they amuse audiences at any type of event with their high energy musical skill, heavenly harmonies, hilarious improvisation skills and clever song parodies. They can even offer a specially written song, tailored to suit any company or message.

Whether it's their Eminem version of Waltzing Matilda or their take on a traditional New Zealand folk song, ever since they got together their brilliant performances have been enjoyed by scores of audiences whose only complaint has been sore cheeks from laughing so much.

Rusty Berther is an accomplished, all round entertainer and musician. He plays a variety of instruments including guitar, ukulele, banjo, harmonica and double bass and is also a skilled vocalist, comedy writer, musical arranger and bandleader. He started the Scared Weird Little Guys with John Fleming in 1990 (as Rusty Rich) and over the next two decades, The Scaredies became one of the most sought after corporate acts in Australia. During their incredible career they performed in over 4500 in countries all over the world - festivals, comedy clubs, theatres, universities, countless television and radio spots, corporate events, children's shows and everything in between.

Mike McLeish is an accomplished musical theatre performer and improviser who is best known to Australian audiences for his portrayal of Paul Keating in Casey Bennetto's hugely successful production of Keating! The Musical. He toured the country for three years as the star of this seemingly unstoppable show.

Previously, Mike performed as an actor and musician in productions including Six Degrees of Separation, The Art of Success, Huge, Speaking In Thongs, Still and Face2Face. Mike has also provided sound design and musical scores for a variety of theatre companies. Mike also appeared as Michael Slater, Mark Waugh and Darryl Cullinan in Shane Warne The Musical.

Client testimonials

The guys on Tuesday night were sensational! All night and the next day I was stopped by attendees saying how much they loved it. One lady on my table at the end of their performance said “my cheeks are hurting I’ve been laughing so much!” The personalized song for my boss was nothing short of brilliant, I was delighted by how well they captured him and he was absolutely blown away.