Roxy Jacenko

PR Expert, Influential Businesswoman & Keynote Speaker

Roxy Jacenko is the entrepreneur behind Australia's well- known public relations agency Sweaty Betty. One of Australia's most influential businesswomen, she is also an author, mother and dynamic public speaker who inspires and intrigues business executives, parents and students with her rule breaking approach to business.

Roxy created the game changing public relations agency Sweaty Betty PR at just 24. In just 10 years she has forever changed the way the public relations industry operates in Australia. Always seeking new ideas and opportunities, she is the mastermind behind The Ministry of Talent as well as the author of the fiction books Strictly Confidential, The Rumour Mill and The Spotlight.

With two adorable young children, Pixie and Hunter, Roxy has also managed to add working mother to her impressive CV.

Juggling the demands of work and family life, Roxy is always seeking to strike that illusive balance all while instilling a strong work ethic in her children's lives. As testament to this, Roxy has founded the boutique hair accessories line Pixie's Bows with her daughter Pixie, becoming an equal parts cute and tenacious mother-daughter duo!

Roxy is dynamic. With bold ideas and the tenacity to execute her vision flawlessly, she has re-written the book on public relations, communications and talent management. Unrivalled in her quest for perfection, Roxy constantly pushes the boundaries to generate fresh and unexpected ideas.

Known for her candid approach, Roxy doesn't shy away from the truth behind her success and what it takes to accomplish your business and career goals. Innovative, passionate and dedicated, Roxy shares her insights on success with her trademark honesty and enthusiasm.

Roxy's favourite motto is 'Why walk when you can run' - it's a motto she lives to everyday and leaves her audiences inspired to live as well.