Roger La Salle

International expert in Business Innovation & Opportunities

Roger La Salle is a passionate and engaging speaker who talks from the heart and thrives on helping you see exciting business opportunities materialise right before your eyes.

Having successfully built his career on developing and commercialising successful products, Roger loves to share his simple approach, one that has proven so effective over many years across many industries.

Roger, a professional engineer, successful entrepreneur and international expert in business innovation, brings with him a lifetime of experience and successful business creation. There are few who speak on innovation, creativity and business building that can claim to have literally made more than $1M from their own ideas on more than three occasions - but Roger La Salle can.

Roger is the creator of the highly acclaimed Matrix Thinking which has been embraced by businesses worldwide. It is now licensed in 27 countries and is used in some of the world's largest organisations from airlines, to banks, manufacturing, FMCG, scientific bodies and some of the world's largest consultancies.

Roger La Salle is the Director and former CEO of the Innovation Centre of Victoria (INNOVIC) as well as a number of companies both in Australian and overseas. He has been responsible for a number of successful technology start-ups, including four based on his own technologies, and was a regular panellist on the ABC New Inventors TV program. In 2005 he was appointed to the Chair of Innovation at the Queens University in Belfast.

Roger has presented in more than 26 countries and in four languages. He is a TED presenter and has also made appearances on David Koch's Business Builders TV series on Channel 7.

Roger works across all industry sectors and has special skills in seeing and developing applications in seemingly unrelated fields where the implementation of ICT solutions can open doors previously thought unavailable.

Roger La Salle is a challenging, dynamic and sought-after speaker and facilitator who uses his experience and innovation to impart valuable information. During his dynamic, inspirational presentations Roger will deliver an amazing but simple process that will change forever the way you run your business.

Roger La Salle talks about:

  • Innovate or Perish
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Business Building 
  • Innovation - what is it and how do you do it?
  • Marketing - how to remove the single biggest risk in business
  • Marketing - finding the 'touch points'
  • What is an opportunity - how do you systematically search for one?
  • Getting your people involved in the journey
  • Inspiration in Business - how you do it.
  • Client testimonials

    Roger's interactive presentation in our recent conference was truly enlightening. He delivered a simple yet powerful message full of anecdotes and real examples. No overheads or power point for this fellow, he just walks and talks and doodles on a white board as he reveals the secrets of innovation and opportunism.

    Boral Australia Limited

    Wow! Roger held an audience of NAB People & Culture team members spellbound with his insightful, action oriented approach to innovation. Applying lateral thinking, he sees opportunities everywhere and turns complexity and the threat of the unknown into exciting business opportunities. Without doubt Roger La Salle is one of the most inspirational speakers and writers of our time

    National Australia Bank

    Roger provided an enjoyable presentation on the importance of innovation, supported by simple but powerful applications. Our management team thoroughly enjoyed Rogers presenting style and we look forward to working together again to streamline our service offering


    Thanks once again for one of the most engaging training that I have ever attended! Your ability to pick up examples from real life is unparalleled. The team was particularly impressed with your style of delivering content. You kept the room energized and engaged for 2 straight days with your insightful and outcome focused methods. Matrix Thinking around identifying opportunities and asking the right questions are few things which we have already started applying. Thank you for your effort, would love to work with you again in future!

    Genpact Ltd

    Thank you for the fabulous interactive presentation at the ICN National Conference last month. Our internal survey confirmed that your information and delivery style were absolutely the highlight of the event. You left our people with both the motivation and the tools to understand and implement innovation in our business.

    ICN - Victoria

    We are always looking for practical, relevant and outcome focused methods to drive value out of innovation programs – but we rarely find them. Roger has delivered yet another systematic and structured approach to ideation applied to the ever growing services industry.”


    Facing a challenging audience of Australian fruit growers, Roger not only managed to raise the energy in the room up a few notches but he delivered on our key conference objective – to open the minds of Australian fruit growers to the possibility of innovation! Roger is a thoroughly engaging speaker and in my opinion would be a valuable contributor to any event wanting to promote change/innovation


    We found the system an excellent approach to developing innovative ideas from customers, service agents, engineers and sales staff. The normal brainstorming method is only a distant second in comparison to his innovation process. We used if for the Strategic Planning Conference and managed to get some outstanding out of the box ideas in just half a day…

    Fasco Asia Pacific

    Roger La Salle redefined innovation as “change that adds value” and presented his simple but extremely powerful “Matrix Thinking” tool in his first book on the innovation of tangibles. Now he has addressed the intangibles – the increasingly bigger part of the economy where “ideas and services” are the future. This material is original, and in my view” gold” for the services sector

    Holista Colltech Limited

    Neumann Steel has recently completed a two day program in innovation and opportunity conducted by Roger La Salle. This was really quite motivating and stimulated many new initiatives during the session. Roger’s ‘real life’ examples and experiences provided a base for our employees to explore and convert to the current and future of our workforce. In the current market place and to remain competitive this is vital to ensure future growth for organisations

    Neumann Steel Pty Ltd