Rod Macqueen

Legendary Australian rugby coach & business success

Rod Macqueen is a leader in the world of sport, business and life. He is recognized and respected for his unusual mix of skills. A lateral thinker and innovator, throughout his life he has demonstrated an ability to unite people to a common cause and create an environment to help them realise their potential to achieve maximum success.

His fresh ideas and willingness to think outside conventional ideals of rugby were first introduced at the NSW Waratahs in 1991 and ACT Brumbies in 1996 before he became the Australian Coach at the end of 1997.  In January 2010, Rod signed on as the Director of Rugby and Head Coach of the Melbourne Rebels, the new Super 15 Rugby team to be included in the competition from 2011.

With a wealth of anecdotes, Rod is a much sought after keynote speaker who motivates and inspires audiences to achieve their goals.

About Rod Mcqueen:

Rod Mcqueen is arguably the most successful coach in the history of the world's second biggest football code. During his time as Australian coach, the Wallabies held every championship trophy including the Bledisloe Cup, Cook Cup, Tri-Nations Trophy, Tom Richards Cup and World Cup. As a Wallaby Coach he had an impressive 81 percent winning ratio.

As a sportsman in his own right, Rod Macqueen excelled at the highest level in both surfboat rowing and rugby. A commercial artist by trade, Rod is Chairman and Co- Owner of Advantage Line, a company he started in 1991 and transformed into a multi-million dollar point-of-sale & merchandising business. In this capacity he has been responsible for the creation and design of many successful merchandising systems in Australia.

In 2001, having retired as the full time coach of the Wallabies,  Rod published his book, One Step Ahead, in which he discussed his successes in both business & sport. The book became a recognised guide on how to incorporate the best of both into life.

In 2002, Advantage Line won the top three design awards at POPAI.  During the same year, the Federal Government appointed Rod as Business Ambassador/International Patron to the Rugby Business Club for the 2003 Rugby World Cup. In the 2003 Australia Day Honours List, Rod was recognised as a Member of the Order of Australia. Rod McQueen is on the board of several major corporations and consults to multi-national companies. In 2006 he was appointed to the International Rugby Board.                                                                   

Rod Macqueen's achievements with the Wallabies have been attributed to his forward thinking and willingness to change in a game that had long been dogged by stubbornness and inflexibility. He was lured out of retirement in 2010 to lead the Super 15 Rugby Union Team, the Melbourne Rebels.

Rod Macqueen talks about:

Rod Macqueen offers insight into how specific goals can be reached with the resources at hand, and speaks about the value of linking organisational skills with lateral thinking, discipline, teamwork, the importance of family values, pride in achievement and keeping a good sense of humour. 

Client testimonials

Rod, at the end of the workshop we asked the team what they would take away from the conference. Nearly all feedback had some element of your talk in it. All were very motivated by your sporting metaphors and our Head of Strategy commented that he felt your mix was very balanced and insightful. Overall, a great outcome.