Richard Sauerman

The Brand Guy

Richard Sauerman is a brand and communications strategist who believes that each of us has potential that extends far beyond our actual day-to-day performance. Instead of living and working 10/10 lives, we often settle for 7/10 because it gets the job done, it doesn't require us taking any risks or chances, and it keeps us in our comfort zone.

Richard uses branding to help people and organisations fulfil their potential by driving organisational transformation, shifting them out of their comfort zone, and then making a stand for who they are, what they believe in, and why they exist.

He believes that brand is a management issue, not a marketing concept, and everything can and must be branded; your culture, people, strategy, and communications.

Richard is a frequent keynote presenter on Brand, People and Communication at conferences in Australia and overseas.

More about Richard Sauerman:

Richard got his brand expertise working full-time in the ad industry for 20 years. He was the strategic thinker and brand planner for some of the world's most iconic brands: Cola-Cola, Microsoft, Vodafone, Campbell's, Nescafe, Penfolds, Levis, Milo, Harper's Bazaar and Toyota.

In 2003, he set up his own brand consultancy - The Brand Guy - where he expanded his area of focus beyond marketing into all areas of the organisation: CEO, Executive Team, Corporate Affairs, HR, Learning & Development, Internal Communications.

His clients include Vodafone, Macquarie Bank, AMP, QBE, nab, Talent2, CSIRO, Microsoft, Mortgage Choice, The Apparel Group, Steadfast, Firebrand Talent, Allegis Global Solutions, Clime Investment, Challenger, and PwC.

In 2008 he published his fist book -Wake Up Tiger -a wake-up call for people and workers who are dissatisfied with their lives, often even in the face of their 'success'.

In 2010, he won the title of 'biggest thinker' at the inaugural Battle Of Big Thinking competition by convincing a room of more than 200 peers that marketers and ad agencies had been browbeaten into mediocrity.

Richard Sauerman talks about:

  • Business
  • Change
  • Individual Performance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Innovation
  • Customer Service

Richard never uses an off-the-shelf presentation. He always take a brief, understands where you are coming from and what you are looking to achieve, and then he will create a bespoke talk or workshop that meets your specific needs and requirements.


Client testimonials

The feedback was extremely positive, we even had an email come through on the Monday after the conference saying "PS. I've been a "10" kinda guy ALL morning!!!" To be honest we couldn't have asked for anything more, your presentation/workshop achieved the key outcomes we were looking for in a way that was relevant, inspiring and practical. The case studies you discussed are still being spoken about and from a marketing point of view we have noticed a positive change in the way our clients are connecting with their customers.

Siemens Hearing

You could check your dictionary and thesaurus for ‘inspiring’, ‘interesting’, ‘challenging’ or you could have Richard come and talk to you and your people. His content is original, relevant and different and not a rehash of all the stuff you've already seen and heard before. But most importantly — it's bloody good.

Nova 96.9

Richard, everyone still hasn't stopped talking about your presentation - it certainly did add magic to our National Sales & Marketing Conference. Inspiring, motivating, interesting, informative and you'll be pleased to know that you scored very high points on feedback form.


Richard achieved an excellence score of 4.86/5, the best score of the conference by a long way.

Mastering SAP Conference

Great session, taking people out of their comfort zone, forcing us to look at things from a different perspective.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

You were an inspiration to the team, and from the feedback I have received they now come to work with a very different view of the world. They are more animated and confident and this is undoubtedly the result of the way in which you have helped them realise that it is those individual and intangible qualities that make the difference between doing well and doing brilliantly.

British Telecom