Richard Morecroft

Former ABC TV Newsreader

Richard is perhaps best known as the principal news presenter for ABC Television in New South Wales - a position he held for two decades.  He is also a former presenter of Nationwide where he conducted a wide range of studio interviews as well as making film reports for the programme.  In addition to his roles in news and current affairs, Richard has frequently been involved in other broadcasting projects, covering a range  of formats from TV and radio education projects to election night specials.

Richard has written several books, the most recent entitled 20 Years from the Waist Up, an intriguing and often hilarious look at the world of television from a newsreader's perspective.  Richard now regularly presents an entertaining speech of the same name. He has also made his mark in the corporate sector. He is one of the most versatile presenters in Australia. His diverse talents include:

Conference Host

Richard Morecroft is the consummate master of ceremonies, conference host or discussion facilitator.  With warmth and easy authority he is able to establish an immediate rapport with large audiences or small seminar groups.  Richard's creativity and communication skills make him ideal for hypothetical and forum formats.

Conversations with Morecroft

This is one of Richard's trademark presentations where he conducts on-stage interviews with high profile personalities.  Indeed, he has been described as Australia's answer to Michael Parkinson.  Richard has the rare skill of being able to bring celebrities and business leaders out of themselves to create a captivating mix of entertainment and insight.  This format is an ideal change of pace for any corporate programme, either during the day or in a more relaxed mode after dinner.


Richard is an authoritative, entertaining and captivating speaker. Choose from the hilarious 20 years from the Waist Up and a variety of other topics, including What makes News? and The Power to Persuade (media communication skills).

Corporate Videos

As a presenter for corporate and training videos, Richard brings a credibility and familiarity that will ensure a professional and effective finished product.  His extensive experience in all areas of broadcasting over the last 20 years allows him a versatility and range of performance that few other presenters can offer.

Client testimonials

Richard is the consummate presenter. He is meticulous in his preparation; a polished professional, who seems to speak directly to you, with warmth and sincerity, no matter how many others there are in the audience.

Facet Management Pty. Ltd

Excellent. Richard was well prepared, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

Connections Event Management Pty Ltd