Ray Scicluna

Business and motivational speaker

Although he was unable to read or write properly until he was 31, Ray Scicluna became the MD of Video Gold, a business venture he started at the age of 22 and which grew to a turnover of $90m in just under three years..

However, Ray's real education began with business failure when he became bankrupt at 29 and lost all his material wealth. But he fought back, eventually buying the Video Ezy chain. Forming a super franchise team, Video Ezy grew from 13 stores to 360 nationwide before he sold the franchise in 1998.

Over nearly 40 years, Ray opened a total of 68 different businesses. Self-employed for all of that time, Ray has employed hundreds of people, trained thousands of young people in customer service and helped hundreds of others to manage and build better businesses.

Understandably, with such a colourful background as his, Ray has a wealth of insights as well as a highly entertaining life story to share. People who have heard Ray speak are inspired by his conviction and 'can do' attitude.

Sometimes we spend too much time, energy, and money on things that have little impact on our lives. Ray believes that negative thinking can deter people from reaching their full potential, which is ultimately the choice of the individual. Continue to do the same old things and you get the same old results. Ray's message is clear: Attitude Gets It Done, Create Magic Moments and Build a People-Focused Culture.

In his presentations, audiences will learn how to get new customers buying, keep old customers coming back and get more from the ones you have. While Ray's main focus is on customer service, company culture and sales, he also speaks on many other areas relating to business and staff.

Ray Scicluna is a dynamic, energetic, inspirational, thought-provoking and fun presenter. He is perfect as an opening or closing speaker and also highly effective as a 'wake me up' speaker in the middle of a conference.

Ray's message will appeal to franchises, financial institutions, businesses in the automotive, real estate, travel, service and retail industries, business associations and more.

Ray Scicluna talks about:

  • Attitude Gets It Done - Hard Times Bring Out The Best in People
  • Create Magic Moments - Exceed Your Customers Expectations
  • Build A People Focused Culture - Your People = Your Future
  • Personnel Management - Relationships = Results
  • Crossroads & Roundabouts - Life is Full of Choices
  • The revolutionary Video Gold copy depth leasing program (of new release movies for $1 a day) changed the video industry overnight and was responsible for the introduction of large shopping centre-type video libraries

    Client testimonials

    Ray, you have a rare talent which enabled you to analyse the causes of business failure, and then to turn that failure into a positive which you have not only applied to your own life but into a powerful message which can have a profound effect on others, I was mesmerized from start to finish.

    Australian Business Week Limited

    Ray you were inspirational and just what our Team needed. There was something in what you had to say for everyone. An hour went all too quickly and I would happily sit through the whole talk again.

    Radisson Resort, Gold Coast

    If unbridled laughter indicates that the audiences is listening, then there can be no doubt Ray had their attention absolutely. The value of his time with our staff has been very obvious.

    Niche Media P/L

    Ray, Thank you so much for a wonderful night - we have had fantastic feedback and many great comments on your enthusiastic and endearing talk.

    Parkes Shire Council

    Ray, Thank you so much for a fantastic and entertaining evening. Everyone was ‘raving’ about how fabulous you were! You certainly surprised us with the first couple of minutes of your presentation, and we were extremely relieved when you transformed into the inspiring speaker that you are. So you definitely had the desired effect.

    Parkes Mayor

    Having professional motivational speakers like Ray Scicluna sets us apart from our competitors. Having personally seen Ray present to M3, Financial Wisdom, Pivotal and Securitor it’s fantastic to see the audience appreciation. The feedback on Ray’s presentation from all of our key Dealerships has been brilliant.

    AIA Australia Limited

    Excellent, Ray is a true professional. He ‘gets it’ Having been in business he diligently went about researching his audience and his delivery was clear, concise and accurate … Ray also went the extra mile and not only came early for sound and venue reccy he also stayed around to chat with our people. He jampacked the hour, and everybody was pleased, including our CEO.


    Excellent, very strong and exciting presentation, you took the brief into your presentation and captured the delegates attention immediately with the fast paced presentation. An excellent business speaker with very relevant subject matter … One of our best speakers ever.

    Tyrepower Ltd

    Ray, our sponsor was delighted with your presentation and despite having the graveyard shift, the presentation was a complete success and perhaps one of the best we have had from a keynote. Your story was laced with a real sense of reality and the lessons learned from adversity everybody really got that and the comments afterwards have been extremely positive. The performance was inspiring, funny, honest and relevant. We were really pleased (delighted) to have you along.

    MGA Insurance Brokers