Raw Metal Dance Company

Australia's hottest tap dance sensation

Raw Metal is Australia's hottest Tap Dance Sensation. With their innovative performance style this troupe is one of Australia's biggest dance hits.

Performing their own style of Funk Tap, Raw Metal combines explosive rhythms, pure comical genius and good old fashioned fun! Raw metal will leave you breathless and begging for more.

Whether you need an explosive, 'in-your-face', five minute spectacular or a twenty minute extravaganza, Raw Metal certainly fits the bill!!

In addition to creating 'raw entertainment', Raw Metal facilitates high energy team building workshops to help unleash the power of your team in a creative and fun environment that encourages participation and contribution from everyone involved. Raw Metal Workshops are a great addition to any conference, seminar, special event or product launch!

Raw Metal has performed locally, nationally and internationally, wowing audiences in New York, London, Switzerland, Germany, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Client testimonials

Raw Metal is an extraordinary group and what they do is different from anything we’ve witnessed before. They cleverly defy any traditional tap dance origins in displaying their mastery by combining funk and the art of tap dancing. Almost superhu7man in stance, Raw Metal’s performance concerns themselves with conjuring grace with pace-setting numbers. This troupe somewhat blurs the boundaries between the Olympics and performing arts, the athletic and the comic – truly entertaining.

Fiction Factory Management, Kuala Lumpur

Raw Metal’s idiosyncratic beat makes it hard for audiences to keep still. It’s been dubbed Funk Tap, a noisy, energetic dance which leaves audiences almost as exhausted as the performers.

Canberra Times

Its caffeine fuelled double espresso funk tap - technically challenging and bouncy enough to make anyone's blood race. It would be exhausting to watch if it wasn't so damn energizing.

The Courier Mail

Just wanted to let you know what fantastic performances the guys from Raw Metal gave us. Feedback indicated how delighted the community was to see such vibrant talents which appealed to all ages. They are energetic, entertaining and absolutely wonderful. I hope they enjoy great success in the future.

Blair Athol Coal

Raw Metal were one of the best entertainment groups we’ve had. They were extremely energetic and interactive. We are still receiving comments from their performances.

Australia Fair

The guys from Raw Metal were not only great performers but were awesome people. They were very flexible with us and were very friendly. They gave a very uplifting performance.

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad

I found Raw Metal to be excellent in their professional approach. They were easy to work with and completely accommodating when due to time restraints we had to cut short their performance. They quickly restructured their show and went on to blow the audience away


Energetic fun and something different. The guys were relaxed and easy to work with. Well done!

Avanti Events