Celebrated illusionist and magician

Phoenix is a celebrated illusionist and magician who has stunned and amazed corporate and public audiences around Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

He has performed on television and on cruise ships, for corporate shows and at a variety of other venues. When Phoenix performed his famous water tank escape on Australia's Got Talent, in front of a television viewing audience of 1.3 million, the three judges and studio audience stood to applaud. He was the only act in the heats to receive such attention.

Phoenix was contracted to the film Wolverine to consult on sleights within the film and to train the actor Taylor Kitsch in card work for his role as Gambit. Having studied and been examined on a micro expression reading program created by Dr Paul Ekman, after whom the famous TV show Lie to Me is based upon, Phoenix received a 100 per cent score rating.

Phoenix is regularly invited to entertain corporate audiences with his roving magic show, which can be interspersed with comedy or his spectacular illusion and mentalist show.

More about Phoenix:

From the age of eight, Phoenix showed signs of being different from all the other kids around him. While they were reading The Hobbit, he was engrossed in his father's book entitled, Body Language. Phoenix used the skills he picked up in the book to 'read' people - he avidly watched their behaviour and gestures and observed more subtle signs as well. Towards the end of high school Phoenix, who had made his way to represent Australia at martial arts, was hired to perform acrobatics and dance routines on cruise ships. He also worked - and learned -from a famed magician in Las Vegas.

As a result, Phoenix performed on ships from Alaska, Hawaii, through to Miami and the Caribbean. In the process he built a stunning repertoire that he took back to Australia. It was on his return that his interest in psychology was reignited. Over time, Phoenix created and redesigned illusions. His illusion builder, (who also builds illusions for David Copperfield), would build the creations ship them to Australia.

Phoenix never stops learning from the greats that he perform alongside. He has worked with top magicians, illusionists & mentalists, refined his knowledge of hypnosis, suggestion, rapid inductions and micro expression reading. By combining this knowledge with an indepth study of psychology & human behaviour, he has crafted a unique masterpiece... his mentalist show.

Phoenix has performed for clients that include: Vodafone, Channel [V] Australia, 21st Century Fox, Wolverine Productions, Princess Cruise Lines, P & O Australia Cruise Lines, Konica Minolta, MLC , Colgate Palmolive, Fox Studios, Channel 7, 104.1 Today FM, Porter Novelli Pty Ltd, Star City Casino, Vegas Hotel, Fairfax Digital, ubi TV, Pearson Education, Westpac, Trendmicro, Crane Enfield Metals, SGT Ground Transport, and many more!

Phoenix performs:

Roving Mentalist Magic - Amazing visual magic right in front of your guests eyes - sometimes even in their own hands or with their own objects! This magic astounds any audience and is accompanied by a comical sense of humour, which has received fantastic response from every audience!

Roving Magic & 10 minute Comedy Magic or Mentalism intro to speeches - An excellent mix of Roving & Comedy Magic. Phoenix performs during the cocktail hour then later performs 10 min of his 30 minute Comedy Magic Show. A fantastic event opener.

Cabaret Style Mentalist Sho - Quite possibly the most psychologically advanced show in Australia, over 30 minutes, Phoenix combined everything he has learned over 22 years of study into one mind blowing, jaw dropping masterpiece.

Cabaret Style Comedy Magic Show - A hilarious mixture of comedy and magic over 3o minutes. Comedy sets include entertaining audience participation, visual comedy, escapes, and amazing magic.

Stage Spectacular Illusion & Mentalist Show - Phoenix combines his signature thrilling Water Tank Escape (as seen on TV) with various other Vegas style illusions & his world class Mentalist show to bring a unique and thrilling 45 minute stage spectacular.

Single Water Tank Illusion performance - Phoenix performs his famed water tank escape that received a full standing ovation by the audience and judges of Australia's Got Talent.

Client testimonials

Phoenix is FREAKING amazing, you gotta see this!

Taylor Kitsch (

Your technique is FLAWLESS, Amazing man, amazing!

Adam Pedretti (Killing Heidi at the 2004 Red carpet premiere of Spiderman 2 at Fox studios, Sydney.)

I heard you were good but that's insane!!!

Steven Strait (Lead actor 10,000BC)

Excellent, infact extraordinary! Audiences loved the performance, it was the highlight of the night. The interaction added even more to the entertainment. I cannot express highly enough how much of an asset Phoenix is to adding value to any corporate event, if the objective is to provide attendees a memorable experience!

Konica Minolta

I've never seen illusion performed like that, fantastic, unbeatable!

Red Symons

Phoenix was incredible. We loved his performance & he stayed on after his show to mingle and perform magic/illusions on our delegates. One of our staff who was a total sceptic was totally amazed at the trick he performed on her - she changed her mind after that.

Heritage Bank