Pete Goss

Inspirational adventurer, acclaimed leadership speaker

Pete Goss is an outstanding yachtsman, inspirational adventurer, company director and author of the best-selling book Close to the Wind.

Pete has taken on numerous endeavours that share the same four principles; innovation, technology, challenge and adventure. He has competed in seven transatlantic and two round-the-world races and has sailed more than 300,000 nautical miles.

An acclaimed International Speaker, he draws on his experiences to offer leadership and management talks, team-building exercises and training sessions, inspiring individuals and groups to achieve beyond what they thought possible. He is a regular lecturer at business schools and an Associate Fellow of Said Business School Oxford University.

In today's challenging business environment, Pete understands the need to deliver real performance; he achieves this through mentoring and empowering individuals, motivating teams and driving companies forward.

Pete Goss first captured global headlines whilst competing in the Vendee Globe single-handed non-stop round the world yacht race. Risking his own life in the midst of a fierce Southern Ocean hurricane Pete turned his yacht around to rescue French sailor Raphael Dinelli. Once Pete had dropped Raph off in Tasmania he completed the race, coming 5th. In recognition of his courage Pete was awarded the Legion d'Honneur and an MBE and voted World Sailor of the Year.

He trained and led the original set of amateur crews for the British Steel Challenge (generally regarded to be the toughest yacht race in the world).

Always keen to defy convention he attempted a world record with a revolutionary catamaran, Team Philips (which was sadly brought to a halt by a freak storm in the Atlantic). This was a five-year project where Pete headed up a workforce of more than 100 employees, brokered multi-million pound sponsorship deals and assisted with the creation of several new companies. Handling these complex and often conflicting pressures, gave Pete a unique insight into the challenges that face every organisation.

Whether Pete is taking on the next sailing challenge or heading expeditions to the North Pole he combines a competitive tenacity with a keen 'will to win'. Pete talks positively and with passion about leading teams through exciting but often complex, difficult and dangerous situations. His stories create an interesting, motivating tapestry through which he weaves business lessons learned.

A natural, down-to-earth communicator with a dynamic but informal style, Pete has an ability to engage, entertain, inspire and motivate even the toughest of audiences.

Pete Goss talks about:

Innovation, Technology, Challenge, Adventure, Leadership, Teamwork, Responsibility, Vision, Values, Trust, Learning from your Mistakes, Risk, Peak Performance, Overcoming Adversity, Competitive Tenacity and a Will to Win.

Client testimonials

Pete was recommended to us as a motivational and leadership speaker. We wanted to put him in front of our customers, a senior group of no nonsense operational management. Having not seen Pete speak before, I was apprehensive. His session was a keynote, the audience was tough, but one minute into his speech, the attention was 100%. You could hear a pin drop, everyone related to his adventure and story of determination in business. We were all truly motivated by it. In our feedback survey everyone voted 5/5 for Pete, we would definitely hire him again!


Pete’s work with executives exhibits his ability to reinforce important business lessons. These include how to move on from having an idea to making it happen and how to manage risk. He always remains humble and grounded - reinforcing the concept of the team approach. Pete’s sessions provide the ideal backdrop for global senior executives to challenge their capability, whilst remaining true to their values.

University of Oxford

During a lunch event held in Monaco, Pete Goss gave one of the very best keynote speeches we have heard. He inspired the audience with his lively, well organised and thoughtful presentation, which was delivered with a fun and appealing approach. Members of the audience were inspired and could easily relate Pete’s incredible experiences to their own day to day business challenges.

Azur Productions

Pete’s presentation, like the oceans he has sailed, has an underlying calm, while on the surface the audience are hit with waves of ideas, advice and emotions that leave a lasting and valuable impression in the business world. An amazing speaker.

ICAP plc

Pete was simply one of the most inspirational speakers we’ve ever had, and his messages about the importance of teamwork and innovation were very relevant for our business. He’s a great story teller, and an incredibly humble and likeable guy. The feedback from our event was overwhelmingly positive about him and his message, so I’d strongly recommend him.

BT Retail

If you need a team to be re-energised or inspired, this is your man. Pete delivered his talk to an audience of project and IT staff who had been grinding through exhausting and seemingly endless delivery for the past eighteen months, and who were hugely tired and dispirited as a consequence. At the end of the session all were awestruck and uplifted by the sheer magnitude of Pete's team's accomplishments and attitude. We have never had feedback like this before: - everyone felt personally connected to Pete's challenges and totally inspired by him. He was the centre of discussion for the remainder of the evening. What an amazing man. What a remarkable ability to connect at such a profound level with people in the audience. We would have him back tomorrow without a second's reservation.

Hachette UK

I have to say that Pete’s presentation was absolutely first class, his presentation skills were spot on, mixed with a sense of life experiences, challenges and real business issues that he has overcome during his obviously challenging career. I am pleased to say that everyone in my audience has remarked at how impressed they were with his presentation and that it put a lot of the issues that my business is facing, into context and how uplifted they felt after his presentation.

Avaya UK & Ireland