Penny Locaso

Entrepreneur, Educational Innovator & Keynote Speaker

Penny Locaso is the Founder of ‘do-tank' BKindred, she created the Intentional Adaptability Quotient (IAQ) - a world-first education program and measurement tool that decodes the skills required to thrive in an age being redefined by two trends: the ‘busyness epidemic' and the emergence of disruptive technologies.

As a faculty member at the esteemed Singularity University at the NASA Research Centre in Silicon Valley, Penny has worked alongside the innovators of world leading technology and Artificial Intelligence. In the process, she has gained extraordinary insights into emerging technology in addition to decoding the human implications of rapid change. The prestigious brands she has worked with include Google, Atlassian, Microsoft, and Deloitte.

Penny is an international keynote speaker, educational innovator and author. With authority born from deep research including from Harvard Business School, she speaks on the subject of Adaptability and teaches her audiences how to cease reacting and start intentionally adapting. 

Penny Locaso speaks about:

The New Intelligence in the Age of Adaptation - We are living in an age where igniting change trumps managing change, and those who choose to adapt will thrive. The pace and scale of change means the way we look at adaptability also needs to change. Penny decodes The Intentional Adaptability Quotient (IAQ) - a world-first education program and measurement tool that takes a deep dive into the role of focus, courage and curiosity in igniting our ability to evolve consciously. Audiences explore adaptability as a means for thriving not just surviving and walk away with insights into how to use it as a lever for igniting change.

A human future - Traditionally gaining mastery over a skill was considered to be more important than our ability to adapt. Today, disruptive innovations have made it impossible to stay ahead of the curve. In this presentation, Penny unleashes insights into trends redefining the role of the human being in the workplace and argues the need for a new kind of intelligence that supports our ability to thrive in change. This includes decoding the busy epidemic, identifying turning points, and looking at how we shift the idea of surviving into thriving.

Courageous Adaptation - What if fear was one of the most powerful levers you had to create the life and work you always wanted? Learning to lean into fear enables the ability to surf the edge of your comfort zone and the courage and confidence to step into bigger change over time. Couragous Adaptation is a blueprint for well being and wonder.

In this presentation, Penny takes the audience through a step by step process designed to empower them with tools to practice courageous adaption. In the process, they will gain insights into the power of vulnerability, decoding languages of fear and making rejection a friend.

Hacking Happiness - We are experiencing happiness poverty, and it's impacting our ability to thrive in a world of exponential change. It will come as no surprise that organisations are investing millions, if not billions of dollars in finding ways to increase employee engagement, enhance employee wellbeing and drive greater productivity, all in order to improve performance. Yet research shows more than 50% of workers are still unhappy, 66% of the workforce is still disengaged, with 13% of those actively disengaged at a cost of up to $550 billion a year for American companies alone.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with ‘happiness hacks' designed to amplify the belief systems and behaviours that enable greater happiness in the every day. They will also have a refreshed perspective on what ignites and sustains the kind of happiness that shines from the inside out.

Client testimonials

I had the honour and the pleasure to host Penny as a keynote speaker at our annual meeting in Amsterdam. She delivered a great experience and an extremely inspirational speech in front of a couple of thousand people.

Penny was passionate, articulate, dynamic and added a lot of value to our panel discussion at the Salesforce World Tour Sydney. She was also a delight to deal with and we would love to work with her again – and suspect we will!

Salesforce Asia Pacific

Penny spoke at our recent International Women’s Day event and was fantastic. She was engaging, interesting, interactive, genuine and inspiring. Her experience and story resonated so well with our audience, and we know this from the volumes of positive feedback on Penny’s presentation. She was also a pleasure to deal with and will certainly use her again.

Association Of Treasury & Finance Australia

We were looking to drive some ‘outside the box’ conversations this International Women’s Day, and Penny certainly delivered! Her… keynote was both inspiring and informative. It helped to move the conversation beyond the traditional conversations about gender, and into the realms of creating a future one success (and mistake) at a time. Our employees left feeling motivated and asking themselves the question ‘What can I do to prepare myself for the future, today?