Paul Spinks

Paramedic, Counsellor, Workshop Counsellor and Keynote Speaker

Paul Spinks is an advanced care paramedic, a qualified counsellor and a high impact keynote speaker who believes the best project you will ever work on is you! Having seen the darkest side of other people's lives, he is convinced that our mental health and physical health are the key to optimising productivity in the workplace and at home too.

During his straight shooting seminars, workshops and life coaching programs, Paul takes his audiences on a journey, sharing chilling stories direct from the chair of an ambulance. He discusses work and personal stress, suicide and drug use, as well as obesity and cardiac disease.

More about Paul Spinks:

Paul Spinks began his career as an Advanced Australian Care Paramedic and soon became aware that the job would require him to provide a supportive and calming voice to people and their families during one of the most vulnerable and stressful moments in their lives.

With an extensive background in trauma counselling, Paul was not only prepared, but also highly skilled to meet this challenge. What Paul was unprepared for was the extent that mental health played in the number of daily call outs for his crew.

Day after day, Paul found he and his team faced people in situations and circumstances of great peril, driven by their inability to cope and deal with life.

Stunned by the extent that mental health was impacting how he did his job on a daily basis, Paul went on a journey of discovery himself and was shocked to discover the mental health epidemic that had gripped Australia.

Today Paul is known as a 'game changer'. During his no nonsense presentations, seminars and workshops, he provides the tools for people to act, the bring about purpose and direction, and in the process, discover new meaning in their homes and their workplace.

As Paul says, "When we are done, your emotional wellbeing will be put on notice; you will cry and laugh and want to run home and hug your kids, but you will be thankful for the experience and all the possibilities that have been awoken within you!"

Paul Spinks has a regular radio segment on Sydney's 2SM super network.

Paul Spinks talks about:

In Paul's 'Wake Up Call' Seminar series, he covers:

What do you value the most?- How do we connect with the world around us, especially our families, and is it worth hocking our lifestyles to our income in pursuit of materialistic gain, when research is cautioning us over and over again that happiness can't be found here.

Are you micro-managing yourself sick?- One percent of muscle mass per year gone from the age of 35 unless we intervene; this means reducing hormones and bone density just to name a few. It would appear there are thousands of opinions on what it takes to stay well and eat well, but at the end of the day it is a simple as this.

Master yourself - Know your cracks, consider where you may sit on the spiral of life and get in early. Learn to breathe - we have become a nation of shallow breathers trying to take on and do too much. Advance on mindfulness with guided meditation. This simple technique could just change your life.

Client testimonials

Your participation added considerable value to the Conference program. Your topic and content were of the utmost interest to participants in the Operational Health and Safety concurrent stream. We have received excellent feedback on your session from both SMMA staff and members.


Of all the seminars and training I have attended in my ten years, this is top of the pile for content and satisfaction


The actions following the sessions have been earth shifting in my workgroup. Awareness, Questioning lifestyle choices it has opened up a lot of previously closed off minds.

Metro South Health

It was a pleasure having you present to our people across our many sites. We do honestly believe that we need to give our people the best information possible so that they can manage themselves well. We need to be strong and resilient both physically and mentally for the many challenges we have in our lives and your work with us made a huge impact on many of our people.


I just wanted to thank you for the session that you conducted at the PA Hospital last week. I attended one of the sessions and I have to say it ‘rang true’ with a lot of personal situations in my life at present. I enjoyed every part of the session.

Queensland Health Department

Your speech was very empowering and a very emotional journey both professionally and personally. I was very motivated by listening to you speak, you kept the audience engaged and the knowledge from such an educational based course was very enriching.

Gold Coast Employment Support Service

There’s no doubt you were the perfect choice to assist us change the perception of our staff wellbeing program from the ‘nice to have/optional extra’ to something that’s fundamentally essential to our core business – which is delivery the best quality education outcomes to Queensland children and families.

Queensland Government Department of Education and Training

I can't recall the last time I was so engaged and sympathetic to someone else's concerns and opinions on such fundamental values. Your experiences had the whole room focussed and feeling the problems we face as a society, with even the more battle hardened and defiant commenting on the positive effects you had on them.

TAFE Queensland

Thanks so much for such a powerful message – it nearly had me in tears. I have four kids (been married for 22 years) and it made me think quite differently about how I relate to them all – especially one of my daughters who is going through her teenage years.

BMD Constructions

I just wanted to personally thank you for your presentation at Friday’s Annual Quarrying Safety and Health Seminar. I’d had many people come and say to me that your presentation was one of the best we’ve had and was very impactful. You said so many things that resonated with me as well, which has helped push the re-set button after a few family matters I’ve been dealing with, so thank you.