Paul Spinks

Paramedic, Counsellor, Wellness Expert

Paul Spinks is an Advanced Care Paramedic and State Counsellor for the Australian Paramedic Association with a post graduate degree in counselling and qualifications in Paramedical Science. He is also a founder of Wisdom Factory Corporate Wellness - a company established to grow and develop corporates and individuals throughout Australia with wellbeing programs 'like you've never heard them'.

With decades of hand-on experience, and a dynamic can-do approach, Paul Spinks empowers individuals and corporates to implement new pathways to happiness and productivity for life.

Paul's seminars, workshops and life coaching programs are not for the feint hearted. He shares chilling stories, taken from the treating chair of an ambulance and demonstrates where we can all end up when we fail to get the balance right.

Along the way Paul discusses work and personal stress, suicide and drug use, as well as obesity and cardiac disease. He explains his theory for why 83 per cent of us will have a chronic illness by the age of 65 and leaves attendees with a simple notion: am I micro-managing myself sick or micro-managing myself well?"

As Paul says, "When we are done, your emotional wellbeing will be put on notice; you will cry and laugh and want to run home and hug your kids, but you will be thankful for the experience and all the possibilities that have been awoken within you!"

If you are seeking performance coaching and personal development either as a keynote, seminar or workshop with a difference then you are looking in the right place.

Paul Spinks' workshops include:

  • The wakeup call - seminars and workshops that address the increasing rates of depression and suicide within the Australian workforce (between the ages of 15 and 44 suicide is the leading cause of death in this country), empowering individuals and management to engage with staff at a different level and to make life long changes that enhance mental and physical health.
  • What alcohol and valium have in common
  • Smoking - thank god you only got cancer
  • Are your medicines killing you?
  • Social media - our nervous system responds to the images we carry in our heads
  • Personal diary - where staff lead the charge on self-development
  • Mindfulness and exercises for a new view on you

    Client testimonials

    Your participation added considerable value to the Conference program. Your topic and content were of the utmost interest to participants in the Operational Health and Safety concurrent stream. We have received excellent feedback on your session from both SMMA staff and members.


    Of all the seminars and training I have attended in my ten years, this is top of the pile for content and satisfaction


    The actions following the sessions have been earth shifting in my workgroup. Awareness, Questioning lifestyle choices it has opened up a lot of previously closed off minds.

    Metro South Health

    It was a pleasure having you present to our people across our many sites. We do honestly believe that we need to give our people the best information possible so that they can manage themselves well. We need to be strong and resilient both physically and mentally for the many challenges we have in our lives and your work with us made a huge impact on many of our people.


    I just wanted to thank you for the session that you conducted at the PA Hospital last week. I attended one of the sessions and I have to say it ‘rang true’ with a lot of personal situations in my life at present. I enjoyed every part of the session.

    Queensland Health Department

    Your speech was very empowering and a very emotional journey both professionally and personally. I was very motivated by listening to you speak, you kept the audience engaged and the knowledge from such an educational based course was very enriching.

    Gold Coast Employment Support Service