Paul Jennings

Master Impressionist

Paul Jennings, is a versatile, widely experienced humorist, who specialises in impersonating famous characters from Australia and the world. He is amazing, incredible, fantastic, and above all....funny!

With more than 4,000 presentations behind him, Paul Jennings' take-offs include a dozen Australian Prime Ministers, four British Prime Ministers, six US Presidents, Royals, captains of industry, cricket and football personalities, screen stars, senior citizens, judges, men of cloth....the list goes on!

Give it a name ... give it a face ... and Paul will be your Peter Costello ... Paul Keating ... Steve Bracks....George Bush...Bill Clinton ... Richard Burton ... Prince Charles ... with Peter Harvey as a link-man ... a hundred different faces!

Paul Jennings has his audiences enthralled from start to finish - and in stitches for the entire journey. As an MC or compere, he is excellent. His booming voice silences audiences within seconds and, given the chance, his hilarious commentary can capture their attention for hours. Paul is even funny and entertaining when he is being himself , adding much appreciated light relief to a serious message or heavy day's session.

Paul Jennings has hosted and entertained at the world-famous North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast, Australia's largest corporate political entertainment showcase and also at the Carlton-Essendon Grand Final Eve Luncheons.

Paul's career as an impersonator began in the GTV9 announcer's booth, taking off local personalities. When word leaked to Graham Kennedy of a talent that could quickly raise a laugh with his mimicry, Paul soon became a regular on In Melbourne Tonight.

In the early seventies with the rise of current affairs television, Mike Willesee grabbed him to fill a vacancy created by Paul Hogan. Paul stayed with Willesee for several years and then came a unique moment ... face to face with Hawke on television.

Among Paul's many TV credits include the voice behind "Rubbery Figures" in Fast Forward ,Steve Vizard's Tonight Live and guest appearances on A Current Affair, Ernie & Denise and The Footy Show.

Major companies ask for the services of Paul Jennings as regularly as coffee or tea. He has also taken his characters to London, Bangkok, Tahiti, Honolulu, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco and New Zealand.

Client testimonials

100% professional, 100% reception, 100% satisfaction.

St George Builders Hardware

Appealed to all cross sections of our audience - male/female, labor/liberal, management, staff, visitors and young/not-so-young.

MMI General Insurance

All I can say about Paul is Wow!

Acumen Alliance

Great - Paul Jennings won the audience from the start and kept their attention. A truly talented man.

Toshiba Computer Products