Nigel (Kerry Domann)

Magically funny MC, entertainer and trainer

Nigel is a multi-talented entertainer who enthrals audiences with magic and comedy. Nigel performs a comedy / magic act, is an intriguing master of ceremonies, keynote speaker and trainer.

However, it's Nigel's amazing ability to use his memory that sets him apart and he has adapted this unique talent into a highly entertaining show.

Nigel's unique combination of interactive magic, comedy, business savvy and an incredible memory must be seen in action to be believed - he is sure to leave your audience intrigued and entertained.

Roving Magic

Nigel moves amongst a standing or seated audience, engaging them with his infectious personality and performing magic that intrigues and entertains. He is the perfect choice to keep your audience occupied before dinner or during a conference.

Stage Show

With a fantastic ability to read his audience and aim his comedy and magic accordingly, Nigel delivers a wonderful interactive mix of stand up comedy and magic. During his show Nigel demonstrates his amazing ability to recall the names of up to 300 people after only a brief introduction.

Master of Ceremonies

Nigel is a highly regarded MC who easily adapts his style to suit formal gatherings or light hearted  events.  With academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics) and a Masters of Information Technology behind him, and a Masters of Business - Applied Finance in progress, he is a knowledgeable and professional business facilitator. Adding to this his talents as an entertainer and comedian, your audience is assured of receiving serious messages delivered with humour and interest.

Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Nigel teaches the theoretical and practical methods he's studied and refined for improving memory and in particular remembering names. His memory techniques can be presented in a workshop or summarised to form a keynote speech. Nigel's light hearted and interesting manner ensures these sessions are both informative and fun.


Nigel has used his Masters degree in Technology, to create a new version of trivia which is completely automated, collecting data from hand-held wireless 'buzzers.' The concept enables companies to incorporate tailored company information combined with general trivia, to make every event completely unique.

To keep things fast and furious Nigel has created different rounds that include the fastest finger, last man standing and points score.

Client testimonials

Nigel was one of the important ingredients in the success factor of our event. His humour and professionalism was spectacular, and the crowd loved him. As an MC for a 4 day event, he was again very professional, and a delight to work with. He went above and beyond the call when it came to his role and he made my job and that of my team so much easier. We threw many things at him, several last minute, and he came up shining each and every time. Nigel was quickly accepted as part of our (work) family, and was well received by everyone. The rapport he was able to build with our staff, and our conference guests was second to none.

The Professionals Real Estate.

Nigel was a huge asset to the conference. He was a lifesaver at this event, and reinforced why it is worth having a professional MC at the conference. When one of our speakers did not turn up on time, he stepped in and filled the slot on the fly - and did a fantastic job. He did not stop the entire time, and left us as organisers somewhat more relaxed than normal as he did many of the jobs (such as trying to get delegates back into sessions after breaks) that we normally do. Nigel was value for money, incredibly flexible in what he offered the conference and was thoroughly entertaining. I was asked repeatedly where we found him as he was such an asset to the conference. I would not hesitate in recommending him to others

Australian Federation of International Forwarders (AFIF)

Nigel had a tough audience of multi cultural global leaders and his ability to facilitate the conference along with his unique talent for entertaining was ideal and the feedback we received was extremely positive. I would recommend Nigel to any organisation who wished to introduce a blend of humour and life into a function and I would be confident in Nigel’s ability to reach any audience - whatever their composition.

KPMG Forensic

Kerry was great! His show was very entertaining and his ability to recall over 100 of our clients and staff names left the crowd buzzing and wanting more!


Excellent, fantastic, extremely entertaining! It’s very hard to please everyone, but Nigel did!!

Australian Macadamia Society

He was superb and totally stunned the audience with his memory powers.

Lehman and Associates

Kerry 'Nigel' Domann was absolutely sensational! We were excited by his brief bio on booking Kerry but had no idea that he was going to be as exceptional as he was. By far the most interesting comedian / speaker / magician, I and most who attended have witnessed in a very long time. From start of the event right up to the end, Kerry held the attention of the crowd and entertained them. A massive thank you and congratulations to Kerry for his brilliance, his talents and his professional attitude. The best money spent on a performer in a long time! I would book Kerry again in a flash!

Sauce Events

Kerry was amazing. His craft of memory is truly amazing and he leaves people in awe of his special talent. Combine this with a kind and gentle personality he is a joy to have as an entertainer and the audience adore him.

AXA Australia

Nigel was absolutely awesome. I couldn’t fault his performance in any way at all. I will definitely be making sure that we book him again. I want to pass on my congratulations to him, for being both a great performer and spectacular comic.

BIS Industrial

He was BRILLIANT! So professional and easy to deal with. I think we may use him again next year.

The Lucky Charm