Nigel Collin

Speaker, facilitator, MC & author on business change

Nigel Collin is an expert on teaching business leaders how to lead people, orchestrate their talents and get results.

Nigel created his first business at the age of twenty and sold it at twenty-one. He then went onto build Absurd Entertainment, one of Australia first and largest entertainment design companies. He worked extensively on the 2000 Olympics, was entertainment advisor at the Paralympics, grounds entertainment producer of the Sydney Royal Easter Show for 6 years and still holds the accolade of being show director for Australia's largest-ever corporate event.

In 2013, armed with a video camera, Nigel set out on an initiative to travel throughout Australia, solo on his motorbike, to discover ingenious Australians and share their stories. His quest was to inspire the ideas of a nation. In 2014, as an ambassador of Start-up Australia, he interviewed over 50 of Australia's top entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This unique research, along with his own business experience has given Nigel unique insights into profitable growth and offers an achievable process for every day innovation and improvement.

Nigel speaks on how to grow a business through effective and incremental change, how to implement those changes and most importantly how to measure whether the changes are successful or not.

Nigel's message is that business is a 'Game of Inches' and not a one-off event. Ask your team to invent the next iPhone and they get paralysed by the pressure but give them an achievable processes for everyday small-scale innovation and they can achieve greatness. 99% of successes come from many small, practical steps rather than the single 'Eureka' idea. The big idea makes a good story in a speech, but it's hard for delegates to incorporate into their everyday working lives.

Having now spent over 20 years in business events (both on and off the stage) he understands the importance of not just being engaging, but delivering practical and lasting business benefits. As a speaker he is in demand both in Australia and overseas.

He has advised Ministers of Parliament, C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs. Organisations in a myriad of industries including IT, Franchise, Events, Marketing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Telecommunications have benefited from his experience and expertise.

He is an alumni of the Disney Institute, a Ted-Xer and author of two books with a third in production titled 'Game of Inches'. He is also the founder of Thinkativity and director of North Ryde Riding School.

A highly sought after facilitator, speaker and author, Nigel Collin is dynamic, interactive and practical; his genuine knowledge and experience sets him apart from others.

Nigel Collin talks about:

  • Game of Inches - In business, successes come from many small, practical steps rather than the single 'Eureka' idea. This session looks at the actions successful organisations' people take, how to implement those actions and, most importantly, measure them.
  • Igniting Viable Ideas - Not all ideas are created equal. In fact the world is full of ideas looking for a home. This session will provide the process, skills and confidence needed to consistently generate viable ideas that will make a difference to your customers and your business.
  • Better Business Conversations - One conversation can spark an ingenious idea, improve sales and lead to new business opportunities. This session will challenge you to have real conversations that cut through the surface clutter.
  • Client testimonials

    Your role as MC was particularly well received by delegates. Comments included ‘Fun, inspiring, encouraged interaction’, ‘Lively, down to earth humour’, ‘Fabulous as Uusual’, ‘Really liked Nigel’s individual gifts for presenters, a nice touch’ – ‘ Well done, most entertaining’.

    MIAA NSW Branch

    I imagine you're quite accustomed to your session being a popular favourite amongst conference or workshop participants, but in addition to it being popular it was also extremely valuable for our daily leadership work.

    Mater Health Service

    Not just entertaining but useful, great ideas you can use immediately

    Empire Force Events Inc. New York USA

    His keynote address was excellent and showed a good depth of knowledge of the topic. It was clear that it was well researched and professionally presented compared to other speakers.


    I could spend hours with this man, ideas just spout from him. A lovely communicator, funny and oh so smart. Meet him and learn.

    Business Visits and Events Partnership

    Nigel's experiences combined with his knowledge were an absolute hit with our attendees, with each and every attendee walking away with a fresh approach to idea generation. I would highly recommend Nigel to anyone looking to expand their creativity and capacity to generate original and practical ideas.

    IMB Building Society

    What can I say – both of your sessions were ABSOLUTE HITS at our Sales Conference! Your feedback and scores have been the highest we have EVER SEEN!!

    Macquarie Telecom

    Nigel was absolutely outstanding on all levels. In many ways, he went over and above but I think that this came down a lot to just the person he is - a fantastic MC, we loved him.


    I've seen Nigel take an unsuspecting corporate crowd and turn them into energised creative thinkers. His dedication, commitment and experience as a teacher of Creative Thinking is undeniable.

    Zadro Communications