Neville Norman

Entertaining Economics & Trends Analysis

Professor Neville Norman has delivered over 6,000 addresses in over 30 countries to finance, industry and business groups. A graduate of Melbourne and Cambridge (England) Universities, Neville holds many positions with Government, industry and finance organisations. He performs as a chairman, facilitator of hypotheticals, a consultant, an expert witness and media commentator. Neville sat on the US-based General Motors Australian Advisory Council for its entire existence (1978-2006).

At Melbourne University, Neville Norman teaches Microeconomics and Taxation and researches in econometrics. Beyond the Uni, Neville has acted professionally as both credit rater and asset allocator, using both economic and financial expertise.

Professor Neville Norman was awarded an Australian Centenary Medal in 2003 for services to his profession and is National President of the Economic Society of Australia.

Neville was the only published forecaster in 2008 to pick the big budget surpluses then slash his forecast ahead of Treasury revelations that surplus-

days were over. He is the only published forecaster (The Age, 5 January, 2009) to have lower interest rates in 2009 , followed by rate rises the next year.

Neville Norman has published a large number of books, academic articles and reports in the areas of industry regulation, patents and trade practices; the economic analysis of trade protection and international economics and the economic analysis of taxation and e-commerce; property valuation and investment advice; health promotion and evaluation. 

Neville Norman talks about:

In addition to comprehensive (or abbreviated) insights in the Australian economy, incorporating relevant world economic conditions and prospects, Neville speaks about:

Forecasting Tips and methods; reading the Federal Budget, for industry tips; strategic planning; business operational pointers and futurism, using economics, and a host of economic policy, tax, trade practices and industry specific topics.

Neville has been extending this outlook into direct business implications for accountants, lawyers, estate agents, health practitioners, foreign companies, manufacturers, retailers, smaller businesses, financiers, and local governments, just to name a few individual specific applications where he has hands-on consulting experience.

All of Neville Norman's presentations are delivered with a lacing of wit, challenge and open debating opportunities.

Client testimonials

We could have listened to Neville for hours, what humour and of course intelligence.

Centro Properties

Neville worked hard to put it together and managed in making it a triumph. He has an unusual and powerful mix of imagination, broad knowledge base, people skills, humour, presence and communication skills. He was great and I hope to use him again.

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Prof. Norman gave one of the most entertaining and relevant talks that I have heard in over 15 years. He addressed the topic with passion, accuracy and was not afraid to touch on the hard issues.

St. George Bank