Mike Wittenstein

Global experience, service and business design expert

Mike Wittenstein is a global expert, consultant and speaker on experience, service and business design, who has helped over 400 organisations in more than 25 countries make their experiences better - to the tune of $1.5B in value created. By his own admission, he is a designer who can't draw.

Mike started IBM's first experience and service design practice in 1999, landing customer experience projects at McDonald's, Air Canada and Best Buy. He also helped establish the international Customer Experience Professionals Association.

In 2002, he founded Storyminers to help service brand leaders make big changes to their brands by improving their customer experience. Since then, he has been using experience design as a business strategy to positively impact retailers and the businesses that support them. He helps leaders and their companies find the kind of differentiation that customers notice and competitors find impossible to replicate.

Mike knows how to effectively blend design, technology, operations, marketing, mobile and people. He's got a gift for sharing experiences through keynotes, board meetings or on the showroom floor with sales associates. He brings 'in the trenches' know-how from a wide variety of service businesses including many retailers.

Mike is approachable, knowledgeable, and most of all authentic. He's got a passion for his craft and a great way with stories. During his presentations he shines a spotlight on the many human and environmental elements that influence the customer experience with humor, energy and real-world anecdotes.

His retail, hospitality, B2B and service brand clients include: Air Canada, Apple, Best Buy, BlackRock, Clorox, Delta Air Lines, Holiday Inn, IBM, LeasePlan, McDonald's, Party City, Publix, Safeway, Zaxby's, as well as other game changers.

Mike is also ranked as a top customer experience influencer by the Huffington Post, Witty Parrot and Vend websites.

Mike Wittenstein is known globally for his creativity and his ability to work ideas from the front-line to the boardroom. Audiences benefit from his out-of-the-box thinking and proven skills and his presentations and workshops have been the catalyst for customer experience strategy and design around the world.

Mike Wittenstein talks about:

  • Customer Experience as Business Strategy
  • Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech
  • How to 'Apple-ize' Your Business
  • Anticipation: Knowing Sooner Means Serving Better at Lower Cost
  • Store of the Future
  • Journey Mapping
  • Lower Right Quadrant: Creating Higher Value at Lower Cost
  • Client testimonials

    The lecture given by Mr. Wittenstein was rated the highest among all 25 speeches. The speech was not only rated the highest, but was widely appraised by the participants, who not only appreciated its content but also the way of presentation: very interactive and empathetic approach to the participants.

    Blu Business Media

    We couldn’t have enjoyed your presentation any more! Personal Branding through Social Media’, on February 10th was a hit for the members present at the meeting of the Atlanta chapter. Our members were fully engaged by the information you presented and energized by the possibilities you proposed. Your message was fun, relevant and timely. Thank you so very much for your time and your winning presentation style.

    Executive Women International

    My responsibility is to feature speakers who engage us, make us think and offer best practices so our members feel like the meeting was a good investment of their time. Mike Wittenstein does that. His laid back style makes him easy to listen to and interact with. Mike took the time to get to know us and shared how to differentiate ourselves through customer experience. His presentation is a prime example of a good customer experience.

    Business Marketing Association

    I wanted to tell you again what a great presentation you gave at the ISPA EXPO seminar on “Teaming with Retailers to Improve the Customer Experience.” Your special brand of cutting to the chase was a wake-up call our manufacturer audience needed to hear. The time you used doing “mystery shops” to view product retailing up close and interviewing key executives by phone was excellent preparation, and to say you are a quick study is putting it mildly.

    Sleep Savvy

    Mike Wittenstein’s presentation at our Institute of Management Consultants meeting was highly engaging, thought provoking and energizing. Simply superb. We were impressed by how he customized the program to meet our distinct needs. Mike made us all think more systematically about our clients’ experiences. Thanks to his guidance, we are communicating the compelling reasons why they use our services as we build our businesses.

    Institute of Management Consultants