Mike Rolls

Survivor, Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Mike Rolls is a survivor who loves nothing more than to speak and inspire people to make life-changing decisions for positive outcomes. He is a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience, positivity and goal setting.

An inspiring keynote speaker, Mike's philosophy is that by amputating dead weight, we create greater scope for happiness and success. That philosophy comes from experience.

In September 2001, Mike had the world at his feet. He was in high spirits and on his way to an annual football trip. But little did he know he would be struck with meningococcal septicaemia towards the end of his trip, leaving him unconscious for five weeks. The infection spread throughout his body and doctors gave him a five per cent survival rate.

Mike had both of his legs amputated below the knee, along with two fingers on his right hand. Today he survives, and thrives with two bionic legs, along with a tonne of resilience and positivity. By recounting his personal experience of facing death and overcoming tremendous odds, he demonstrates how we can use adversarial experiences as a springboard into a life of greater meaning and deeper personal success.

Mike Rolls speaks about:

Prepare, Survive & Thrive: Mike's personal account of facing death, overcoming tremendous odds, and how we can use adversarial experiences as a springboard into a life of greater meaning and deeper personal success.

During this keynote, Mike discusses the topics:

  • Beyond your comfort zone
  • Amputate dead weight
  • Challenge toxic beliefs
  • Prepare today for a stronger tomorrow

Walk Your Talk: Mike reveals his personal account of facing death and overcoming tremendous odds. In the process, he teaches us how we can strengthen and increase our ability to reach lofty goals, how to handle setbacks and embrace challenges.

During this keynote, Mike discusses the topics:

  • Challenges create champions
  • Start with self
  • The weight of your words
  • Bold statements, big results
  • Small tweaks to increase your percentage
  • Set the right precedent

Amputate Dead Weight: Mike discusses his personal experiences with amputation and how the thought process of these experiences can apply and positively benefit each of us in everyday situations. This keynote delivers Mike's very own formula of simplification that leads to greater personal and professional success.

During this keynote, Mike discusses the topics:

  • When is enough enough?
  • P.R.U.N.E
  • Streamlining
  • Courage to commit
  • Staying the journey
  • The new you

Client testimonials

Guest speaker Mike Rolls' story was awesome - very encouraging and empowering.

Hester, Perth

I was really impressed and moved...I found myself sharing the message 'Amputate Dead Weight' - inspirational!

Hester, Melbourne

Your calm, humorous and understated approach engages those that you meet and belies the enormously strong and resilient person that you clearly are… Your story brought many of us back to the reality that we are and we can be whatever we want to be. Faced with very significant challenges, you chose to fight to overcome them and you are pressing on to pursue your hopes and your dreams.

Kay & Burton Real Estate

Our students were engaged with Mike’s presentation and were constantly focused as he relayed his story. The honest and open anecdotes of his life experiences contained clear messages of resilience and optimism in the face of adversity. Our students took away with them amazing life lessons from an amazing, courageous person.

Emmaus College

CPM recently asked Mike to present to our team of national client service professionals. Mike’s presentation really hit the mark with each and every member of the team learning to practice resilience, be curious and accept the challenges life sometimes serves up.

CPM Australia