Michael Kasprowicz

Former Test Cricketer

Michael Kasprowicz is a former Australian Test cricketer and current Director on the Board of Cricket Australia. A first class cricketer for 19 seasons, 10 at the international level, Michael has transitioned into the business community and eloquently talks about the parallels between business and elite sport. Teamwork, communication and perseverance to create a winning team.

Michael Kasprowicz is one of Australia's most enduring and popular professional sportsmen. His record breaking 19 season first class cricket career is not best defined by the number of Tests played or wickets taken, but rather his perseverance and longevity, and even his off field demeanour. Over 10 seasons, he was recalled to the Australian side no fewer than 12 times - his determination and ability to prove himself regularly outweighing the selectors' preparedness to write him off.

But if one quality defines him, it's the contribution he makes to his team environment - be it at national, state or even club level. The good of the team comes before the good of the individual, every time. Michael wants to share with business people the vast lessons he has learned from playing cricket at the highest level, in the team more successful than any other in history of the game.

Through Michael's elite sport and business backgrounds, he is quickly becoming a specialist in clearly and insightfully presenting the invaluable parallels between business and elite sport. Teamwork, communication, perseverance, discipline, respect, ownership, communication and even the way you package yourself up as a "product" - these qualities and attributes are as applicable to business as they are to the elite sporting arena.

Michael is a Director on the Cricket Australia Board and through his 2 1/2 year involvement was highly involved in the restructuring to a nine member, independent, skill based board. This role is responsible for the governance and structural operation of Australia's favourite sport.

Michael has been an active member of the Australian India Business Council since 2006. He is the founder and director of a consultancy firm that facilitates Australian and Indian business relationships through specialised projects, integrated solutions and strategic advice. The focus industries are education, agriculture and mining, energy and resources. He is also an Advisory Council member of Opportunity International, a Not for Profit charity that partners with micro-finance charities in India and South East Asia.

Michael has also worked in media with Channel 10 and Triple M. He is currently studying his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Queensland in a part time capacity learning the latest business concepts. The combination of these activities provides Michael, unlike any other, with the unique lens to view the incredibly close correlation between professional sport and business.

Michael's keynotes include...

  • Good versus great teams
  • The 6P's of personal performance
  • Why perception is stronger than reality
  • Performance sustainability
  • The dressing room