Michael Grose

Authority on Parenting and Keynote Speaker

Michael Grose is one of Australia's most respected experts on parenting. He knows all about why children act out in the way they do and how parents should behave so their children do too.

A former teacher and inspiring speaker, Michael Grose was the first person to conduct a parenting seminar for our nation's leaders in Parliament House, Canberra. For over 20 years, he has delivered informative, entertaining presentations to audiences in Australia, Asia, in the US and UK.

Well recognised in the media, Michael has been a regular on The Today Show, Sunrise and The Morning Show. He regularly comments on family matters on radio and in the press around Australia.

A prolific writer, his books include Spoonfed Generation - How to Raise Independent Children.

Michael has been elevated to Professional Speakers Australia Hall of Fame having won the Educator of Excellence Award.

Michael Grose speaks about:

What really matters as a parent - This inspirational, information keynote will help your audience focus on the things that really matter as a parent. It will lay out an easy-to-use framework to help raise independent kids; reveal the secrets to building strong relationships with kids (even when flat out at work) and, importantly boost your audience's confidence to make sure they, not their kids are in charge at home.

What really matters as a parent! - Michael helps his audience cut through the clutter so they can focus on what's really important on the home-front. Discussions such as:

  • The best parenting style for raising happy, confident kids
  • How to get your kids to do more by doing less yourself
  • The keys to building a strong family
  • Some really cool behaviour management ideas
  • The forgotten goal that every parent should aim for
  • And lots more!

Audiences leave this event feeling energised, inspired and on a natural high!

Spoonfed Generation - How to RAISE Independent kids - It's well-established that parents currently do too much for their kids. Before driving their kids to school each morning most parents would have woken up their children and made their breakfast and lunch, before reminding them to get dressed and brush their teeth. All this may make for an easier life at home but it encourages children to be dependent on adults for longer. This is the exact opposite of what parents have done in the past, which is to develop their children's independence and achieve the most important parenting outcome of all - their own redundancy.

In this fascinating presentation Michael explains the importance of children's independence and the vital stages to letting go. Never before has a generation been so dependent on their parents; now it's time to remove the spoon and put it back in the drawer.

Parenting 'Google' Kids - Technology is an absolute game-changer for modern parents. In just a few short years technology has come out of the realm of nerds and boffins to go mainstream. For kids it opens up a world of endless possibility yet for most parents it poses a series of new challenges. How much technology is too much? How can my child get some balance in his life? How can I keep my kids safe online? In this thought-provoking presentation Michael discusses the opportunities and challenges that technology pose, and provides a roadmap for raising kids in the digital age.

Client testimonials

You have a wonderful gift and passion in the area of kids and parenting. I’m truly grateful for you making me feel confident as a parent, knowing that I can raise my children knowing that I don’t have all the answers.

Anna Obamwonyi, Victoria

I believe in learning from the experts. Michael’s been at the forefront of parenting for over 30 years and he’s so qualified to tell me what to do and what to avoid as a mum. He has clear ideas based on research and experience that are practical, clear and wise.

Sandy Swiney, Parent

…thank you so much for your three parenting seminars. Your wise words on parenting have had a very positive impact on all who attended from the towns (in the area).

Your Community Cares

Thank you for your recent presentation. As always, you manage to inspire the parents to think about their parenting strategies and try new things. I always look forward to working with you and I value your wisdom and advice when it comes to raising resilient and capable children.

Minimbah Campus, Woodleigh School, Victoria