Matt Church

Inspiring Thought Leadership & Top-Ten Keynote Speaker

Matt Church is one of world's greatest strategic thinkers and most influential keynote speakers who blends education with entertainment to challenge existing thought processes and inspire optimism and action!

Matt's philosophy can be summed up in one word: NEXT! What is the best next thing you can do to future proof your business or career?

Within a world tarnished with fear, he uses his writing, corporate speaking and consultation with thought leaders, remove fear and replace it with confidence, remove confusion and replace it with certainty and mobilise people in pursuit of a better future.

Matt's talents as a conference speaker have been recognised both in Australia and internationally. In 2014 he was inducted into the professional speaker Hall of Fame having received the service, education and excellence awards from the professional speakers association.

He was recognised as one the top 21 most influential people in the industry on the planet by the International Federation of Professional Speakers; and E-Speakers, the largest industry marketplace, positions him as one of the Top10 motivational speakers globally.

Matt's publishing history is a demonstration of his polymathic nature, and his ability to draw from this incredibly diverse sphere of knowledge means he can often shed new light on a topic which an industry has "done to death". From this space, Matt inspires people to think, expertly delivering key messages and weaving them together with narratives from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are watershed moments in industry and business culture.

30 years ago Matt studied sports science at NSW university, in 1993 was voted Australian Fitness Leader of the year and was the Asia pacific master trainer for Step Reebok. His first book written 25 years ago focused on the business of fitness, he has been helping clever people be commercially smart ever since.

Believing powerfully in the idea that your commercial success is best achieved by delivering value beyond expectations. It's about understanding how you best make a difference to the human condition, however that looks. His next chapter saw him working with leaders on team performance asking the question, how do the best get better? In 2000 ABC published his Chemistry of Success series and Adrenalin Junkies became a national best seller published in five countries.

Moving from corporate wellness to conference speaking Matt quickly rose to the top of the profession and for 15 years received every award the industry could bestow.

In 2001 Matt founded Thought Leaders with the aim of developing other Thought Leaders who, like him, could make a difference to the world around them. It's this ripple effect that sits as the central metaphor behind Matt's life and the Thought Leaders logo. In 2012 he and his business partner Peter Cook created a business school that realised the ideal of being inspired by the company you keep. The Thought Leaders tribe is an exceptional group of people, last year alone 17 of the 19 non-fiction business books published by Wiley in Australia were thought leaders.

Matt Church talks about:

The Thought Leadership Imperative - How clever people become commercially smart

The world has changed fundamentally in the last 10 years. A subtle shift in power and information accessibility has flipped the models for leadership in the organisational and entrepreneurial arenas. We are seeing crowded marketplaces, information overwhelmed clients and a massive loss of trust in the media.

These trend indicators all point to a new way to lead in business and life as a Thought Leader. Matt explores what Thought Leadership looks like in your world and how you can rise above the blandness of a cluttered marketplace and build differentiation by what you know and leveraging commercially.

The Inspired Leader - A 21st century look at motivational leadership

Winning hearts and minds has always been the leadership imperative. Today's new leaders need new techniques to increase engagement. Your team demands inspiration and leading thinking from their organisation's top people.

Successful organisations have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. We used to be about systems, process, structure and hierarchy. We now see an emerging requirement for inspirational, creative thinking, consultative styles and effective partnering.
It's this ‘lit-up' quality of great leaders that sets them apart. The ability to be lit up and light up others is more science than art. You can learn it. It becomes a habit, a choice.

The Chemistry of Success - A lifestyle platform for success and fulfilment

Every feeling you have is driven by a chemical; if you can find the chemical, you can fix the feeling.
Anyone wanting to succeed in life or business knows that what happens in you can affect what happens around you. The Chemistry of Success is a highly entertaining session looking at the internal physical drivers of peak performance.

This highly engaging and entertaining keynote is based on Matt's international best-sellers Highlife 24/7, Adrenalin Junkies and Serotonin Seekers.

Client testimonials

I believe your message was extremely powerful and that you reinforced a consistent message tying in this year’s & last year’s presentations. Your effort in achieving this was very well received and had many farmers thinking long and hard about their lives; personally & professionally. I know for myself, the prioritization of core values has prompted me to change a number of things in my life, so thank you once again for your efforts; especially considering that not all people take to heed of a message that hits home.

World Dairy Leaders

Your presentation was excellent. You hit the spot and right through the weekend people were referring to "what Matt said". I appreciated having someone who I respect and trust to open our conference.

Macquarie Bank

The Feedback from the attendees on your session was fantastic. They were very positive about the underlying messages on managing yourself and the management of those chemicals that impact on our ability to function more effectively. The interest you generated through the tools you provided was very practical and I am sure your website has had quite a few hits from Thiess employees. To bring the sense of humour to the subject and your effective delivery style certainly engaged the audience. It was amazing to see 230 predominantly male engineers singing in harmony under your guidance, something that has to be appreciated. Hopefully they are all getting better sleep. Continue to enjoy delivering these important messages. Hopefully we will be able to work together in the future.


Inspiring! Motivational talks generally lead to nothing once you get back in the office, but this one focused on science and ideas that you can definitely work on over a long period.

Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

In this industry, sometimes we get so busy preparing for the next event that we forget to enjoy the experience and reap our rewards. I would like to say that one of the rewards is the opportunity to work with a professional like you. On behalf of the Program Development Committee and the entire membership of the Million Dollar Round Table, thank you for your efforts, enthusiasm and contribution to the success of the 2005 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Anne Dignan, Million Dollar Round Table

I have to say that Matt was absolutely AMAZING!!! He totally wowed our people ... in fact they are still talking about him! His calm, creative and fun approach truly the entire session together. In short, he's spectacular!

Jones Lang LaSalle

Thank you for your extraordinary presentation. You held a captive audience. Your humour and sense of timing worked extremely well. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Microsoft Canada

… I would suggest that Matt would be in the upper echelon of presenters based on both the audience response and feedback that we received on his presentation. Following the initial presentation many of our delegates shuffled the rest of their day to be able to attend the subsequent session that Matt ran noting that it was too important to miss both from a content and presentation basis. From a client perspective I do not think that we could have engaged a more professional and personable speaker.

Advanced Professional Solutions

We received fantastic feedback on not only Matt's sessions but also in his capacity as MC for each Training Day. The success of our training days would not have happened without Matt there to keep the day up beat and engaging for the audience. Matt did a significant amount of work with our presenters as well which was highly recognised and provided presenters with some very useful skills for future training days

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited