Mary McArthur

Inspirational Lifestyle Speaker

As a speaker, Mary McArthur regularly presents on a variety of topics from 'Midlife Magic - Mountain, Myths, and Muscles', with emphasis on strength training for older clients and women in particular, 'Let's Get Primitive' for those in executive, high stress and confined work environments and 'Going the Full Mountain' involving training protocols, stress and weight management.

Mary has spent the past few years of her life as a Personal Trainer - motivating business people, delivering fitness options to older citizens, helping workers deal with stress and rehabilitation and designing training programs for all ages. She's a popular presenter on ABC Radio in Tasmania.

Mary works with Vietnam War Veterans and Occupational Therapists delivering rehabilitation exercise programs, as well as operating as a Pilates Practitioner and Fitness Consultant to an executive gym. Mary is available as a Motivational Speaker on a range of topics, or she can tailor a presentation to suit individual needs.

Mary McArthur talks about:

Physical Solutions: Let's Get Primitive - A special application which focuses on motivation techniques and demonstrates how to relieve stress and keep fit in high pressure and confined work environments, whether at executive or general office level.

Going the Full Mountain - Uses a mountain as a metaphor to look at training protocols for all ages, shapes and sizes. Weight management is also addressed in this informative, light and entertaining presentation.

Midlife Magic - Mountains, Myths and Muscles - Focuses on strength and fitness training especially for older participants within the community.

Client testimonials

It appears a percentage of the people in attendance have already changed some of the more negative aspects of their lifestyle as a direct result of your enthusiastic, entertaining and thought provoking session. Well done and many thanks for your efforts!

Lifestyle Management Systems Pty Ltd

Clearly you have a great talent in being able to relate to people and to encourage them to think well of themselves. You also are able to inspire people to try things that they previously thought were not possible for 'People like them'.

Hobart Therapy Pty Ltd