Martin Grunstein

Expert on Customer Services & Keynote Speaker

Martin Grunstein is an exceptional keynote speaker who motivates organisations to radically change their approach to customer service. Renowned for his ability to research and adapt his presentations to meet audience needs, he has worked with a massive range of industry groups in Australia and New Zealand. With intelligence, humour and realism, he delivers practical insights and strategies that can be put into immediate action.

Martin has taught skills to everybody from CEOs to frontline people enabling them to provide the levels of service that has contributed to significant increases in customer satisfaction and profitability.

His explanation of why the customer is NOT always right and how the service provider must give up the need to be right for the greater good of the client relationship has resonated with people throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Whether it be learning how to deal with residents and relatives in aged care or guests in hospitality or selling into industrial markets or the basic skills in retail, the action plan that results from Martin's keynote or workshop has returned Martin's clients many times the investment in his services.

One of the keys to the success of the programmes is Martin's use of humour. As an ex-professional comedy writer, Martin believes that entertainment is the best form of education. Participants have a smile on their face throughout and thoroughly enjoy the learning.

As a keynote presenter Martin has been voted the highest rated speaker at countless conferences over the past 30 years.

Whether you want to make a radical change in the customer service culture of your organisation or you want a hilarious highlight to your next conference, Martin Grunstein is the right choice for you.

Client testimonials

Not only did Martin provide me with some incredibly valuable lessons and takeaways around customer service, points of difference and more, but he also managed to keep me 110% engaged over his two separate keynotes that day… Martin spoke to our entire group of New Zealand staff across two 70 minute sessions and has to be one of the best speakers our audience of national Property Managers and business owners have ever had the pleasure of seeing… Since the event, Martin has continued to work with dozens of our franchisees on a one on one basis and the feedback I have received is nothing but positive.

Ray White PM New Zealand

What separates Martin from the majority of his peers is that he genuinely customises his presentation to his audience. He has worked with my independent business owners in hardware, garden centres and most recently optometry, and each time has connected with the audience via industry insights. Most important of all, Martin stimulates participants to take action rather than just feel temporary motivation. A significant number of my customers have adopted his local marketing suggestions with direct impact on their businesses, and after all is said and done, isn’t that what we want professional speakers to deliver?

ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd

(Martin) travelled with the Foodco team for six weeks, delighting his audiences whenever he spoke. In all, there were over 700 franchisees and staff who participated in the events. The age range was varied from 15—70 years of age and Martin's messages translated to all age groups. At Foodco we feel as though Martin is part of our team and he will continue to work with us over the next few years in continuing our customer culture. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Martin for any size event you are conducting. He will adapt and modify to your business to make everything he says relevant. He is a pleasure to work with.

Foodco Group

Martin was very well received by our audience – they thought he was fantastic. Very entertaining and knowledgeable.

Real Estate Institute of SA

Your professionalism, attention to detail, flexibility and accessibility certainly made you my ‘stress manager’.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

I was expecting brilliant things and you exceeded my expectations.

Choice Home Loans

People have been raving about your energy, enthusiasm, wit, forwardness and friendliness (words you don’t often see put together)! Many were chuffed to have had the opportunity to chat with you one-on-one as well. But I especially wanted to say from my point of view how refreshing & easy it has been to work with you. From your response to my very first email to travel arrangements to your amazing presence on & off the stage at the conference, I cannot thank-you enough for making it so easy to do business with you! At the risk of sounding cliché - You definitely practice what you preach.

Shipwreck Coast Marketing

Martin undertook two detailed briefing sessions to ensure his contribution was relevant. In short, he was compelling. Positive feedback from our staff has been non-stop.

Laing O'Rourke Australia

Martin’s down to earth and practical delivery cut through to each and every participant in the room, delivering them with a highly energetic series of core messages that were tailored to both our values and our conference theme. The feedback was nothing short of excellent! I would highly recommend Martin Grunstein for anyone looking for a seasoned professional to deliver a powerful message in an entertaining and easily digested format.

Premium Floors Australia

Martin was extremely well received. He engaged every member of the audience and left a lasting impression on all attendee's. Every attendee has benefited from Martin's expertise and I cannot recommend Martin highly enough.

Essential Brands Group