Mark Bunn

Health & Personal Performance Expert

Mark Bunn is a leading health authority and a speaker of choice who teaches the secrets of health, high-performance, optimal brain functioning and the new Consciousness Revolution.

Highly trained in both Eastern and Western health sciences, the former AFL footballer provides practical advice that equips audiences to make positive work/ life changes that result in greater work success and a healthier, happier life. In essence, Mark helps people go beyond mindfulness to become leaders in the future of business performance.

Humorous, inspiring and entertaining, Mark provides a refreshing change to the typical conference health speaker. Rather than warning about good fats, bad fats and hi-tech exercise programs, Mark speaks about proven, timeless health wisdoms like earthing, circadian medicine and transcendence, the productivity tips of Richard Branson, Oprah, Tim Ferriss and Arianna Huffington. And, he talks about why things like epigenetics, gut health, happiness, relationships and having a higher purpose are far more important than having a six-pack, drinking green smoothies or activating our bloody almonds!

More about Mark Bunn:

With an Honours Degree in Western health sciences, and having extensively studied the productivity and time management strategies of the world's most successful business people, Mark Bunn has coached senior personnel from companies such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Commonwealth Bank as well as numerous educational/school, health-care and non-profit groups.

The passing of his wife to cancer and his passion for natural, mind-body health approaches has given him a great empathy for women's health (helping them look after themselves first) and a unique understanding of what can most help them. As a result, Mark is often booked to speak to audiences with a strong female representation.

Mark Dunn is also a trained teacher of TM Meditation, supports the Beyond Blue national depression initiative, and the ‘Look Good Feel Better' Program for cancer patients. He has developed online home study programs including videos and online tools to help audience members continue to improve their health and performance well after his sessions.

The three-time best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health, Mark is frequently on radio (ABC, 2UE, ABC National) and is also a regular contributor to Wellbeing, Good Health, Australian Natural Health, Australian Yoga Life and Management Today.

One of Australasia's most booked health speakers Mark presents in multiple countries each year to groups such as CBA, NAB, Westpac, Duke Corporate Educ (USA), FMG (New Zealand), Ennia (Curacao), Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, MLC, AMP, Toyota, Ericsson, and hundreds of schools, government and community groups.

Mark understands the difficulties facing individuals & organisations today - stress, insomnia, negativity, low motivation/morale and poor work-life balance. Using a fascinating blend of the latest Western science, ancient Eastern medicine (Ayurveda), plus the secrets of the world's healthiest and highest performing people, Mark shows people simple steps to supercharging their resilience, becoming more naturally positive and looking after their No.1 resource - themselves.

Mark Bunn talks about:

Gamechangers - the elite performance wellbeing tactics reshaping business success
ZEST - Achieve your natural high: High energy, low stress, life balance, work success
Zone - The daily habits of high achievers: What separates the super-productive from those who simply feel swamped ... how to do 30% more... in 30% less time ... with 30% less stress!
ZEN - The Happiness Advantage: Why happiness is the new key to work and life success and how everyone can be happier in minutes
Mindspace - The future of health performance
The Consciousness Revolution - From mindfulness to transcendence why consciousness is the next big thing and the key to everything!
Ayurveda Alive - Discover the missing link in health today - your unique body-type - and use the world's oldest health system to master every aspect of your life
Conscious Living - Mindspace - Mindfulness, meditation and peak mental performance

Attendees learn how to:

• Stop email, facebook or digital disruption sabotaging their productivity
• Eliminate distractions, control & ‘use' technology to save massive time and stress
• Get in their ‘flow state' more often to do much more in much less time
• Get crystal clear re. goals, priorities (Big Fish) and motivating themselves... and others.

Client testimonials

OMG, in the 12 years I have been doing this I have never had such a positive response to a presentation as I have had with you! I must admit I was ‘nervous” on how the group would accept you and the session, but they were so engrossed and accepting of it. The post session positivity was just amazing! Thank You!


Brilliant … awesome presenter … changed my life … I think we can assume this was the best rated session so far!

Ericsson Australia

Inspirational, Amazing, ….this seminar has blown my mind.

National Australia Bank

Informative, attainable, fun. I highly recommend these talks to other organizations.

Commonwealth Bank

Mark Bunn has presented to a number of my CEO groups. I can thoroughly recommend him to any individual, team or organisation, wishing to gain the most out of their lives, their roles, their relationships and themselves.

The Executive Connection CEO Group

Mark, your presentation was nothing short of inspirational! We were privileged to have you take the stage in front of over 800 colleagues who wanted something a little bit different to enhance their health. It’s fair to say that they got that and a whole lot more! I don’t know where to begin in terms of saying what I learnt on the day. Thank you.

Nursing & Midwifery Health Program (Victoria)

One of the best Professional Development seminars I have attended in 23 years.

Penrhos College

Brilliant, thought provoking and entertaining seminar that would be beneficial in any workplace with any audience. I have received so many thankyous for your seminar, and would love to have you back again next year. Rating = Ideal (100%).

Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

I have been involved in the wellbeing industry at conferences internationally for the last 25 years, and that (seminar by Mark Bunn) was one of the best sessions on health and well-being I have ever seen.

Amanda Gore (International Speaker on Health & Wellness)

Mark mumbles, picks his nose, doesn’t eat his broccoli, and he thinks he is funnier than he is, but he’s very loveable and I think you should book him.

Mark’s Mum