Malcolm McLeod

Business & team keynote speaker, conference MC & outdoor team building facilitator

Malcolm McLeod delivers dynamic tailored presentations and facilitates exhilarating activities for corporate audiences on team building, change facilitation, leadership and communication. No matter what the topic, his emphasis is on learning while having fun!

A brilliant analyst of handwriting, Malcolm uses this fascinating talent in his presentations to humorously but potently unveil the character traits that are revealed in your handwriting. He also shows you how to interpret other people's writing and find out what they are really like!

An expert on group facilitation, Malcolm has spent over twelve years developing and presenting fun, informative, indoor and outdoor team building programs with a guiding philosophy that any program without immediate positive work and home applications is just an indulgence.

Malcolm has worked with clients in Australia and around the world that include Seagate, CentrePointe Finance, Luxottica Asia Pacific and Alesco.

About Malcolm McLeod:

Originally a member of the Queensland Police Force, Malcolm spent six years in Long Bay Gaol facilitating group therapy and counselling inmates on how to realise their potential. As a result, he finds most conference groups a delight to work with.

After his gaol experience, Malcolm spent six years on Hayman Island as the activities manager and tennis coach. Here he blended fun activities and group therapy with a 5 star service attitude. Malcolm went on to deliver training and team building programs to corporate groups, which sparked his interest in the science of handwriting analysis and group facilitation then led to 20 years studying graphology.

Malcolm's major strength is large group facilitation, indoors or outdoors. Regardless of where he is performing, Malcolm communicates his client's message simply, creatively and powerfully. Importantly, he gets results with an emotional intensity and hilarious, relevant joviality - and he makes learning stick.

Malcolm McLeod talks about:

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Adventure Activities 
  • Consistent , clear messages
  • Motivation for success
  • Team building

  • Secrets, home-truths and star qualities revealed in YOUR handwriting!

    Imagine you could instantly see what a person is REALLY like, just by looking at their handwriting. If they're confident, sincere, arrogant, intelligent, ruthless, unscrupulous, promiscuous, outgoing, or shy.

    That's exactly what you'll be able to do after listening to handwriting analyst, Malcolm McLeod.

    The way you write says who you are. Where you place your full stops, the way you cross your "t's"and dot your "i's". How loopy your signature is. Which way it slopes. Whether you print or use cursive writing - all reveal secrets about your personality.

    You'll double up laughing as Malcolm reveals good and not so flattering personality traits of unsuspecting members of the audience. You find out what your signature says about you and what others around you are REALLY like.

    Client testimonials

    Outstanding! Thanks for travelling to San Diego to facilitate our Executive Management Meeting. This will be the first of many!


    A fantastic week - it was beyond my expectation.

    CSL Animal Health

    Malcolm McLeod is a new star on the corporate retreat circuit.

    The Bulletin/Newsweek

    Your energy, content and relevance had all of our delegates enthralled, mesmerised and entertained.


    Malcolm, your infectious enthusiasm and the ability to 'pump' us up has been greatly appreciated and I look forward to our continued professional relationship.


    For those involved in this project, you 'knocked their socks off' in a very positive way! We are now on the road to World Class!


    Thank you for helping to make ParaPlanning Professional's Inaugural Conference a roaring success.

    Paraplanning Professionals

    Staff response has been brilliant! Thanks to you and your supporting team's energy, our inaugural Asia Pacific weekend was a great success.

    Robert Walters