Lochie Daddo

Media personality, corporate presenter, MC

Lochie Daddo is a television and radio presenter, actor, media personality and corporate presenter whose warmth, wit and humour have proved be a winning combination.

His energy, style and clever repartee make Lochie hot property in the corporate arena as a video presenter, guest speaker, master of ceremonies or host for conferences, product launches and award ceremonies.

From a career that has included nightly live stage performances and live television and radio, Lochie has learned to expect the unexpected and to think on his feet -skills he has honed to perfection.

An adventurer at heart, Lochie has an admirable love for life and exploration that has endeared him to a loyal Australian audience. He exudes an aura of comfortable familiarity and the promise of a good time to come. He is the consummate professional and knows how to bring out the best in people from all walks of life. Lochie at the helm means your event will flow smoothly and enjoyably. Audiences love him.

Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Volvo, Nokia, Siemens, Just Jeans, Revlon and Qantas are just some of the corporates who have regularly sought his services.

More about Lochie Daddo:

Lochie Daddo has been a regular fixture on Australian television since the early 90s. His television career was launched in 1993 as host of ABC TV's Countdown Revolution.

He has hosted and presented top-rating shows such as Channel Ten's E!News and the Nine Network's The Today Show and Animal Hospital. He spent six years as a travelling reporter on Nine's highly successful Getaway programme.  In 2011, he was co-host of Channel Ten's Home.Life.Style.

As an actor, he has had roles in Neighbours, All Together Now, Paradise Beach and GP.

In addition to television work, Lochie has appeared in several corporate videos, including repeat roles as host of Qantas Inflight entertainment and as Spokesperson for the 40-Hour Famine Sponsorship Video. He is currently writing and producing his own adventurer series for Foxtel.


Client testimonials

Excellent. Lochie was fantastic as the presenter for our client's corporate video. His relaxed approach makes him perfect for younger audiences and more contemporary productions but he is also professional enough to suit more conservative clients. Not only was Lochie great on camera, he was also a pleasure to work with.

Harrow Productions

Excellent. Lachlan Daddo was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. His thorough research into the topic ensured the script (which Lochie wrote), was accurate and appropriate for this project.

MedEd Solutions Pty Ltd

We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome and have received some lovely feedback emails commenting on the overall theme, entertainment and of course the professionalism and warm easy going personality of Lochie Daddo. Lochie was a delight to work with both during rehearsal and on stage and ensured the night ran smoothly and exactly to time.

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