Lincoln Amidy

Leadership and Performance Speaker, Facilitator and MC

Lincoln Amidy is passionate about helping individuals and teams perform at their very best. He has spent years working to understand human behaviours - the keys to developing great leaders, functional teams, building personal resilience, managing stress, and facilitating change management.

An entrepreneur, workshop facilitator and MC, Lincoln brings fun, energy and adventure to his presentations. He ensures your people feel comfortable, willing to share and are open to new ideas.

Prior to delivering a presentation or workshop, Lincoln will work closely with you to identify what it is that's holding back performance within your business or team. Then, using a tailored approach, he'll provide the tools to unlock potential so your people can tackle, head on, the challenges they're presented with each day.

With an ambition to challenge, educate, influence, and change, he will shift your team towards a more functional mindset. Highlighting the need for employers to take a realistic approach to management, he reminds them that life is often a bumpy road... so why not have fun and enjoy it.

Lincoln Amidy talks about:

Peak Teams Performance Program

These series of interactive presentations probe deeply in a supportive and skilled way to positively ignite your people, reveal team dysfunctions and break patterns that hold your team back. The program includes:
• Mindset: how to get and remain focused, calm and committed to your team's success.
• Culture: getting on and getting great results, with people who aren't like you.
• Everybody leads: how your behaviour amplifies or crushes team success.
• Trust as currency: how it impacts the bottom line, team performance and ‘fun' internally and externally with customers and suppliers.
• Get on the bus: values alignment.
• Expand your comfort zone: improve life beyond work.
• Energy as a business: your competitive advantage.
• How to make time: improve skill and clarity
• Action steps: use your new knowledge as a ‘secret weapon'.

Leadership Performance Program

This program digs deep, revealing more of you to you and to the group, showcasing your strengths and revealing some of your internal and behavioural saboteurs. The workshop finishes with a roadmap of action steps that mitigate any resistance to success.

Conference MC and Facilitator

Authentic and professional, Lincoln ensures people have a good time, but that they get value out of the time that they spend at the conference. He probes his audience to take the key learnings from the day and hold each other accountable to guarantee results.

Client testimonials

I had Lincoln present to over 500 of our young Managers & Executives at our yearly Conference in August 2004. Lincoln spoke to us before the Conference to ensure he understood the mindset of the audience. An important point in developing an appropriate presentation. Lincoln's speech was about the need to look after your health and how that can impact on both your work and personal life. I found that Lincoln really engaged the audience. His delivery style was confident and relaxed but his message was clear. Lincoln peppered his talk with amusing personal examples, which was appropriate for the audience… Lincoln is a passionate, clear and concise presenter and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who can relate to an audience, someone who gets them involved and someone whose speech will be remembered.


At PSI we have had Lincoln conduct presentations to both our staff and our valued clients. It is Lincoln's fun and interactive style that provides realistic, tangible and innovative work life balance tools and systems. Lincoln has showed us in a practical and informative way how important work life balance is in a corporate culture. Such a balance is crucial in retaining talented and hard working staff.

PSI Group

Your health and lifestyle presentation was informative and entertaining, and really hit the mark for our participants. Your incorporation of interactive exercise techniques such as yoga, pilates and tai chi techniques throughout the presentation helped to enthuse our executives. Your passion for your business and your knowledge of health and fitness came out clearly in the presentation.

IBM A/NZ Business Consulting Services

I just wanted to pass on the thanks of my colleagues for such a great presentation on Saturday. It is so funny walking around the office yesterday and listening to people talk about a "Lincoln lunch"! It was very enjoyable and entertaining as well as educational for all ofthose involved. I am still waiting for the slip and slide to eventuate! I am sure to recommend to others your great work.

Perennial Investment Partners Limited

Our team really enjoyed your presentation. It was particularly relevant in this time of turmoil in our company where many of our team have been in a state of unrest for some months. I really think it helped them get their lives into perspective and realise that there is more to life than just work. Again many thanks, and I hope we can work again in the future.


As always, Lincoln raised and maintained the energy in the room, quickly connecting with individual participants. Everyone was still ‘on their high’ the next day and really themselves each day.


Lincoln you thrilled us, educated us and reminded us of the simple ways to improve our lives, thank you.

Australian Podiatary Association

Very passionate and inspiring, Lincoln was fantastic. A lot can be learnt from health to the workplace. Extremely motivating, totally agree with the link between passion and success. It was excellent – our favourite part of the day, would have liked more time, even better than last year, Always interesting to hear about health, fitness and relaxation. Loved it - his passion was contagious.

JSA Group