Laurent Haug

Entrepreneur & Innovator

Laurent Haug has been around the world's most prominent digital innovators since the mid 1990s, and he is on a mission to help organizations anticipate and adapt to the realities of the 21st century. He is an entrepreneur and investor guiding industry leaders, start-ups and policy makers through the intricacies of emerging technologies and the larger social and economic changes that shape them.

Laurent is involved in projects from different domains - entrepreneurship, innovation, finance. Across all, he facilitates the sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge that leads to innovative action and new collaborative projects.

Laurent Haug grew up in France where he completed a Baccalauréat C, Science at Lycée Jean-Jaurès in Reims before going on to complete a Masters Degree in Management at The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He has worked at the coalface of many large organisations, designing, implementing and managing IT, online banking and web projects.

Over many years, Laurent Haug has worked with clients that include Allianz, IMD, Havas, McKinsey, UBS, Groupama, Mylan, Nespresso, Société Générale and Richemont. He is a regular contributor to Swiss and international publications, and an active startup investor.

Laurent Haug speaks about:

Innovation and digital transformation
Innovation is an imperative in today's world, yet few people or organisations are getting it right. Why? Because innovation is not about money: wealthy organisations routinely struggle to innovate. Innovation is not about talent: many faltering companies are filled with smart people. Innovation is not about knowledge: most CEOs know what they should be doing. So what gives innovators their power to break through? During this session, Laurent Haug will explain how what allows innovators to stand out is their mindset, and share the patterns he has found while interacting with thousands of innovators over two decades.

Fintech and digital finance
A presentation on the trends currently impacting banking, and a vision for what a data-driven, AI supercharged, bank-client relationship would look like

Technological trends and their impact on business
How quickly evolving technology landscape is impacting business - and how you can bet on board to take advantage of it.

Laurent Haug shares his learnings from 20 years as an entrepreneur, covering off topics that include teamwork; the formation, development and execution of ideas; managing competition; raising funds and taking risks; and achieving of success.

Retail trends
Laurent Haug discusses the eight trends defining how we shop; including online versus offline retail strategies, touching on pricing, stock control, promotion and sles measurement.

Client testimonials

Laurent is an absolute pleasure to work with. Seriously. Rarely one meets a person that understands the insides and outsides of creativity and innovation - and then sees them mesh it together into a workable solution. Hopefully we can do it again in the future.

United Nations Social Impact Fund at United Nations

Laurent delivered an amazing presentation at our first conference and in many aspects his knowledge and advice were fundamental during our kickstart years. Laurent is open, intelligent, passionate and very positive to work with. Laurent is one of my references for future thinking and for that I would recommend him to anyone considering working with him.

Experience Strategy Management

Laurent is an inspirational speaker with great insights about new technology developments. He is able to capture the audience attention as well as deliver significant value during his talks. The students were very impressed

ESSEC Business School