Lauren Burns OAM

Former Taekwondo Olympian, Keynote & Workshop Facilitator

Lauren Burns was one of the stars of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, claiming Gold in taekwondo. At that time, she was one of just three Australian women to win an individual Olympic Gold Medal, alongside Cathy Freeman and Susie O'Neill.

Since the Olympics, Lauren has pursued a passion for health and nutrition. She holds a bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), and is the author Fighting Spirit and her self-published cookbook Food from a Loving Home.

Drawing on her sports career and her interest in health, Lauren has emerged as a highly successful keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Reflecting on her personal experiences, she talks to audiences about what it takes to be successful, in the process emphasising teamwork and offering real-life skills that are both entertaining and relevant.

Lauren is well-known for her ability to activate participation, whether she's working with as few as 10 people or as many as 10,000. During her more ‘active' workshops she can have over 200 people use newly learnt taekwondo skills to break boards, all in the space of minutes!

Lauren Burns speaks about:

Keynote Presentations - Lauren shares her inspirational stories, relating them to the audience with key messages about self-belief, passion, determination vs. natural talent, strategy, studying your opponents and self-talk.

During her keynote, Lauren teaches the entire audience some taekwondo moves and gets an audience member up on stage to break a board.

Keynote with Workshop  - Lauren's keynote combined with a workshop is a great way to kick off or close a conference. Perfect for audiences of all sizes, she teaches participants taekwondo moves (punching pads, self defence etc); gets them up and practising the moves, and concludes the event with all participants breaking boards.

With a focus on fun, Lauren delivers key messages about teamwork and performance. Audiences are left with a huge sense of achievement, and an autographed board as a memento. Taekwondo uniforms can be ordered.

Client testimonials

My staff were taken out of their comfort zone… They were inspired and motivated as they participated in real life martial arts and created strong memories that they will draw on during tough times. The best thing was they had great fun learning focus, mind direction and secrets to increased energy.

Peak Fitness Management (Aust) Pty Ltd

Excellent. Lauren and the crew were simply excellent. She provided a great way to close our event with the sounds of around 800 people breaking and then clapping boards. It was a great thrill for all.

John Danks & Son Pty Ltd

Lauren's presentation was just fantastic! Exciting and uplifting. She had obviously listened closely to our brief and her talk enhanced the theme of our conference. She was able to win over the hard-bitten experienced pros amongst our sales team as well as inspire us all to achieve more through dedication, passion and unwavering self belief! Her presentation style was warm, with simple, easy to grasp messages on success in professional and personal endeavours. Highly recommended!

Metricon Homes Pty Ltd

Excellent... I think every male in the room fell in love that night. Lauren's appearance made this conference a total success. Just a few comments I received from some of our guests that night: Excellent; a great inspiration; best conference ever because of Lauren's presentation; what a lovely girl; best speaker I have ever listened to. One guy had fruit in the morning instead of eggs and bacon and when I asked him why, he replied that he wants to change his life-style after he listened to Lauren. In other words, everybody was blown away and some people had tears in their eyes when they watched Lauren's movie.

Euroag Pty Ltd

I have had great feedback from the team on your talk which they found interesting, humorous and inspiring. It certainly made us step back and consider the part we can all play in driving forward the Company's goals. I know the teams were thrilled to have you attend the Awards dinner and it was a pleasure to talk to you during the course of the evening.

Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd

Lauren's presentation was interesting. It was like it was two separate presentations. The first part was about her winning the gold medal & the process it took to get to that stage & the second part was about looking after yourself & eating & drinking right. Overall, the presentation was very good & she is a really lovely lady. I know of a few staff who came up to me afterwards and said they enjoyed listening to her and took a lot away from her presentation. We ordered her recipe book from her for each of our delegates & they loved it.

Heritage Bank

Lauren was received very well. The audience was primary school aged children - most who would not have known who she was (born post 2000), but Lauren gave a wonderful recap and was very interactive with the students. Lauren was very receptive to the audience and the students and teachers had a great time. We've had lots of positive feedback from all who attended.

Mildura Rural City Council