Lachie Smart

Adventurer, Generational Expert & Keynote Speaker

Lachie Smart is an outstanding young Australian adventurer. He is also an expert when it comes to understanding and knowing how to work with the millennial and post-millennial generations.

Lachie is an insightful keynote speaker who draws on his unique experiences and understanding of tomorrow's leaders, to help others unlock the extraordinary potential of what's often referred to as a ‘misunderstood generation'.

More about Lachie Smart:

At just 18, in 2016 Lachie Smart became the youngest person in the world to fly solo around the earth. The eight-week world flight took 2.5 years to plan, but Lachie's preparation for the journey began well before this. At age 13, Lachie had joined the Australian Air Force Cadets, where he worked his way to a leadership position. His roles included instructing other cadets in several areas including aviation and field activities until resigning from the organisation in late 2016. At age 16, Lachie went for his first solo flight, then at 17 he gained his private pilot's licence.

Since successfully completing his record breaking solo flight, Lachie has contributed to ground-breaking youth focused anti-domestic violence campaigns and worked in universities.

Now, Lachie's mission is to prove to others that they too can set and achieve their goals. He assists people to go beyond, and to achieve more than they ever realised they could.

Lachie has delivered school valedictory addresses, presented keynotes at large corporate fundraising events and given motivational university lectures. Audiences from all walks of life have enjoyed his thrilling stories - that range from almost being arrested to slipping through huge storms.

Lachie Smart speaks about:

The millennial and post-millennial generations have created challenges for the traditional corporate environment. The new generation of tech savvy, socially focused and anti-hierarchical workers have thrown a spanner in the works of rigid companies and their high mobility rate has made recruiting and retaining staff difficult. The mass disruption of society caused by technology has caused drastic changes of mindset in new generations. Lachie helps companies navigate these challenges, using the perceived setbacks as foundations to success.

His topics cover:
• Inter-generational communication - crossing the divide
• Millennial leadership - traditional methods don't work
• Employee retention - the millennial mobility rate
• Establishing a relationship with millennials

Client testimonials

An old head on young shoulders, very professional with a gift of orating.

Victoria Municipal Works Assoc.

Riveted! That be the one term that best explains the response from the South Burnett Country Fair audience, listening to Lachie Smart present his adventures around the world. Amazed, is how to best describe the audience after his presentation. I couldn't recommend Lachie enough as a most amazing motivational speaker that will certainly inspire.

South Burnett Country Fair

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome session today. The group were in awe of your achievements and your story (discussions throughout the day referenced it). We have received so much feedback already, all of which has been resoundingly positive.

Queensland Rail

Lachie’s presentation proved that he is an incredible man with a passion for life beyond compare. His enthusiasm and never say die attitude was inspiring and demonstrated his dedication and resilience… Lachie’s presentation was very engaging, at times humorous, and the images of his amazing journey is something I will remember. His attitude and achievements to date show that no matter what hurdles lie ahead that the sky is the limit.

Sunshine Coast Council / Maroochy Surf Club