Kylie Jaye

Entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, MC and speaker

Kylie Jaye, or KJ as she likes to be known, has built an impressive media career as a pre-eminent health, lifestyle, food and travel expert, presenter, MC and corporate speaker. She is also the executive producer and series creator of a multitude of lifestyle shows seen in 45 countries

Frequently referred to as Australia's lifestyle guru, Kylie was one of the faces of Channel 10's live sports coverage and a regular in Aussie media more than a decade ago as she pioneered Yoga TV and other lifestyle programming. She left Australia to conquer the notoriously difficult US market and has since presented and produced more than 35 television series across four continents in the areas of lifestyle, health and wellness, business, travel and food. She worked for Discovery Channel, TV Guide Network and E! Entertainment, among other major networks.

With such a range and depth of international experience, Kylie Jaye is a fabulous MC and host and an equally incredible keynote speaker on health and wellness, lifestyle, business/entrepreneurship, women in business and much more.

More about Kylie Jaye:

Kylie grew up in country Australia in an unusual family; she has a blind mother, grandmother and two brothers and this has no doubt given her a unique perspective, mindful of what her family has had to overcome.

As her success and reputation grew, Kylie was diagnosed with a rare medical condition in 2002. She was determined not to let it affect her usual fast-paced business, and had to use her well-publicised 'Self-Health' mantra and background, expertise and advice usually reserved for her viewers to turn her personal health back around, rebuilding and re-energising, mentally and physically. Results surprised her team of specialists, and her diet and lifestyle 'program' has been used to help others.

Having successfully built an Australian production house that exported television programming to the world has brought Kylie numerous business awards and accolades, including NSW finalist 2002 Business Woman of the Year Awards for her work in Media & Lifestyle. Kylie is also an accomplished author of several books including Australian bestsellers Graze (Food) and Strike a Pose (Fitness). She was the winner of Best Innovation: Books and 'Best Full Coloured Book' at the 2009 Australian Print and Publishing Awards. Her self-improvement /growth book, Look at it this way, will be published in 2016.

Kylie's work has also seen her profiled across many business and lifestyle publications, including Australian Women's Money, Natural Health Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald Weekend Magazine. Global coverage has also come from Kylie's significant travel, which has seen her report from all corners of the globe, as she has visited with people from all walks of life.

Kylie Jaye is indeed a force of nature, a powerful presence who delivers memorable events either as MC and host or keynote speaker. She was recently Master of Ceremonies for a range of live events for Telstra, and can deliver a wide range of interactive, entertaining and impactful speaking engagements.

Kylie Jaye talks about:

  • Health & Wellness: Food, Fitness, Lifestyle, personal and emotional fulfilment. Kylie has hosted over 20 major national sporting series, been an expert Lifestyle TV producer of several top-rating fitness and healthy living television programs and is the author of several bestselling food and wellness books. Kylie is passionate about taking people to where they get the absolute MOST out of their life.
  • Entertainment & Travel: Kylie has interviewed some of the world's most famous faces. Hosting TV across 45 countries, danger, thrills, survival, travel, culture, attitude, teamwork, facing fears. Indy, Supercross, Formula 1 Racing, snakes in the Amazon, cave diving in South America and X-gaming across the globe, Kylie is a living example of feeling the fear but doing it anyway.
  • Love, Life & Communication (perspective): How to talk to each other, keep the fire, establish a full life, rewarding friendships, work culture and happy partnerships. This is a fun audience interactive talk which also explores the relationship you have with the 'yourself': confidence, self-worth and personal growth.
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurism & Start-Ups: How to start creating a brand or a company is all about fuelling ideas. Kylie talks about innovation and the tenacity to go from BIG IDEA - to full scale BUSINESS and feeding the creative passion that spurs you.
  • Super Women: Women's drive, achievement, owning your own business, support, strength and self-confidence and playing to win in a man's world. Kylie is wildly enthusiastic about offering encouragement and real, useful everyday tips & advice on how to do it - be the 'Superwoman' you want to be.
  • Do You See what I See?: From growing up with a blind single mother and 2 blind siblings, Kylie could not see herself as 'normal' ... she was part of something extra-ordinary. She talks about finding motivation for success in business, life and family. It is not what you are given - but what you do with it and believing in yourself.
  • Ammunition For Life: Arming groups with 'Life Skills' and confidence, tenacity, self-belief and the essential concepts of independence and initiative. A program developed by Kylie in Australia, which began as 3 x 45 minute talks to school and university-aged kids which has grown into an education program now called Personal Human Development. Hilarious fun, cool, hip and easy.
  • Client testimonials

    Kylie Jaye is a fantastic, inspiring, and professional person to work with, and someone I would happily recommend for anyone wanting help to MC successful corporate events. She successfully MC’d the 'On Fire' event that showcased corporate Telstra and its innovation program muru-D. From this both Telstra and muru-D generated great internal buzz and delivered exactly on what we wanted - an electric, inspiring event. Our event was right on the money in content and delivery and the fact a second On Fire was organised months later is a testament to its success and KJ's exceptional work.

    Telstra (muru-D business)

    Entertaining and engaging. KJ is a visionary and inspirational keynote speaker - always approaching her audience with a highly professional but super warm and personal persona. KJ clearly does her homework before addressing any group. She is able to craft a message for the audience that combines her body of expertise with their immediate needs. Filled with stories from around the globe and insights that are poignant and inspiring, she leaves the room brighter, thinking and ready for action - a brilliant, effective result and a good time. I have hired KJ for events for many years and I’m constantly amazed at the energy and creativity she brings to every project.

    Fuzebox Advertising