Kirk Docker

Vox Pop King & Facilitator

Kirk Docker is a Walkley nominated video journalist, producer and show creator. An experienced interviewer, he is an exceptional facilitator with a talent for opening up honest, forthright discussion.

Known as the ‘Vox Pop King', Kirk just loves to interview people, especially those on the fringe of society. Over a decade working in broadcasting, he has interviewed thousands of people.

Kirk created the iconic 'black backdrop' vox pop series for Andrew Denton's Hungry Beast, which were reproduced for TEDxSydney (2010-2013). He also co-created ABC's You Can't Ask That and Hello Stranger.

Kirk has the sensitivity of a social worker (he was one for five years) and the tenacity of a tabloid hack (which he will never be). He sees stories in everyone from junkies to sneaker collectors, and works with a deep curiosity, compassion and playfulness to facilitate honesty from them in interviews. Most of those he interviews have never been interviewed before.

More about Kirk Docker:

Kirk originally planned to work in radio and began with a small stint at 3RRR in Melbourne. By chance he began working at Jim Stynes' Reach Foundation, where through facilitation workshops he developed his interview skills and achieved a degree in youth work. 

In 2007 Kirk co-founded the maverick on-line broadcaster ViveCoolCity (VCC) and with a small team, began publishing original videos online three times a week. The aim was to cover stories that TV wouldn't touch. Three hundred stories ended up being watched over 10 million times on VVC.

Kirk was a producer at Fairfax Digital (2010-11). He frequently creates video for the Sydney Opera House.