Kerri Pottharst

Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold Medalist & Keynote Speaker

Kerri Pottharst is renowned as one of the world's most fierce Volleyball competitors and Australia's most decorated Indoor and Beach Volleyball player. She represented her country for an incredible 20 years.

Kerri is also a highly influential motivational keynote speaker. Drawing on her experience as an elite athlete, she works closely with her audiences to deliver inspirational messages of teamwork, skill, trust, relationship building, leadership and communication, and importantly, tangible results.

Kerri's presentations are peppered with unforgettable tales from beach volleyball that combine motivational messages with fun. They can even include a fun session of beach volleyball with the Olympic hero.

More about Kerri Pottharst:

When Kerri Pottharst took up volleyball at the age of 15, she hadn't yet dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion. "I was simply given an opportunity, set myself goals, worked hard and most importantly, I loved every minute of it!"

In 1992, a sickening knee injury should have ended Kerri Pottharst's career, but in her typical no-nonsense style, Kerri recovered late in 1993. She changed her life goals and went on to win two Olympic medals in Beach Volleyball.

One of those was Bronze at the Atlanta Olympics and then the Gold against Brazil during the Sydney 2000 Games. Kerri and her playing partner, Natalie Cook, brought new ideas and moves to the sport of Beach Volleyball, which are now being imitated by teams from all over the world. As testament to Kerri's abilities, since 1994 she has never been out of the top 10 and rarely out of the top six in International Beach Volleyball events.

Following her retirement from international level competition, Kerri began inspiring success in others by sharing her Gold Medal Excellence strategies. Her unique message is as relevant to high level executives as it is to more junior teams, as reflected by her skills in coaching staff at all levels to work together as a cohesive and effective team.

Amongst Kerri's many skills is her innate ability to connect with the audience in a way that is warm, authentic, and most importantly, relatable. The same strategies that took her to Gold are easily adapted by audiences to achieve their own corporate and personal goals.

For many, the two highlights of Kerri's presentations are the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for audiences to hold her Olympic Gold medal for themselves, and the Walk of Courage - the chance for them to push their personal boundaries by walking on broken glass. Both unique experiences reinforce Kerri's inspiration for everyone to become a champion in their own right.

Kerri Pottharst talks about:

Kerri tailors her presentations to meet your brief. Her suggested speaking topics include:

  • Passion, Preparation, Belief
  • Going for Gold
  • Turning Bronze into Gold
  • Passion, Pride and Purpose
  • Dream, Believe, Achieve

Turning Bronze into Gold - The Mindset of a Champion: Before embarking on a day of beach volleyball, Kerri Pottharst draws on her Olympic experiences to deliver a motivational presentation that inspires individuals and companies to set goals, overcome fears and doubts, and push the limits to achieve their dreams. She concludes by inviting her audiences to push their personal boundaries by walking on glass - in doing so reinforcing her inspirational messages.

Client testimonials

What can I say? Over a 20 year corporate career and the innumerable conferences/dinners/events that has involved, I have observed, and occasionally endured (!) many MCs/motivational speakers... You, for us today, were the absolute tops in my experience! Kerri, you were just fantastic. Your energy, passion and presence combined with your very confident style and ability to relate to an audience (& ours is not always an easy one!) and to get them engaged both through those skills and what you spoke about was simply outstanding, and on behalf of all of us at Womensport NSW, a HUGE thank you!

Womensport and Recreation NSW

Kerri’s presentation was sensational and the combination of her talk with the glass walking worked perfectly. Kerri delivered an outstanding address as part of Westpac boardroom dinner, keeping her audience enthralled in her sporting experiences both on and off the field. Kerri is easy to listen too, delivering her messages in an down to earth, intimate and candid way.

Westpac Banking Corporation

Kerri's presentation 'package' was very well received by our audience - the combination of video, talk with underpinning theme of goal setting, self belief and personal responsibility in the context of Kerri's drive for 'gold medal excellence', and the willingness to share her Olympic medals with the audience, was perfectly pitched to our audience. …Bringing the postcards for autographing went down very well, as of course did Kerri's ease in interacting with all and sundry….In short Kerri was professional and charming, resulting in some very happy punters.

Ernst & Young

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your efforts in coordinating the team building session for our department at Manly. All our team enjoyed learning the skills and playing the game of beach volleyball. There have been many favourable comments on how well the session was run, particularly how there was a very even balance between outlining the skills and the actual games at the end (which as you know became quite competitive). Once again thank you for putting together an excellent team building session. Best wishes for the future success of your business.

MLC Limited

Kerri, thank you for giving us your time and your energy. I know I'm not alone in finding inspiration in your words. I do believe that the reason we all related to you and admire you is that you are so "real". We know that the things you're challenging us to do, you have done yourself, through sheer hard work and determination. The message is clear ... anything can be achieved with a vision, a plan and will-power.


Kerri was excellent. She was a brilliant presenter and a pleasure to deal with. Kerri covered the brief brilliantly and tied in our messages to her presentation to perfection. The glass walking was talked about for the rest of the conference.

Financial Services Partners

I see a lot of motivational speakers in my role in HR and Kerri and you have been without question one of the most inspiring, memorable and authentic speakers I have come across. I loved what you said and how you said it and I was thinking to myself I want a Kerri Pottharst in my life. Thank you for joining us and inspiring us to be our very best.

Richard Stokes Constructions

Magnificent Presentation last week in Bangkok. I would have to say the best presentation I have seen in a decade of attending these conferences

Media Travel