Justin Herald

Influential Business Leader, Mentor & Keynote Speaker

Justin Herald is a man with Attitude! In 1995, all he had to start a business was $50 and an attitude. With clever marketing campaigns and a strong desire to make something of his life, Justin set out to turn his $50 into a multi-million dollar empire in just six years. Today he is recognised as one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia, he is the Managing Director of Customer Culture and a mentor to over 100 business owners.

A best selling author, Justin is also in demand as a keynote speaker. His speaking engagements take him around the country, where he speaks to 150,000 people each year.

More about Justin Herald:

Attitude Gear® was the brand that Justin made his first fortune on, and motivational quotes were the key. He began printing t-shirts with slogans such as 'In the end it's all a matter of attitude' and ended up distributing his wide ranging products to stores throughout Australia.

After leaving Attitude Gear, Justin worked closely with major organisations such as the Australian Tax Office, Phillips and IP Australia. He also became Managing Director of Customer Culture, one of Australia's leading customer service and customer engagement training companies, that not only teaches staff the "how" to give great service, but more importantly, "why" it is needed.

Justin also became an international best-selling author of books that include Would you like Attitude with that? and What Are You Waiting For?, It's all a Matter of Attitude, How to Grow Your Business Without Spending a Single Cent and So You Have a Great Idea for a Business... Now What? He released a variety of CDs and DVDs, which focus on how to reach your goals and live your dreams, and launched a website, justinherald.com, that receives thousands of hits a month.

In 2005, Justin was named the "International Entrepreneur of the Year'. He has also been awarded the Future Leaders Award, which recognises him as being one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia.

Justin Herald talks about:

Justin Herald talks to leaders and staff about achieving their full potential and provides expertise to businesses and individuals looking for advice from a proven market leader. His speaking topics range from his own business' success story, to branding, marketing, business building, leadership, customer service, the psychology of success, and more.

Real, personable and approachable, Justin is someone who truly ‘walks the talk'. His presentations are energetic and full of practical information to challenge and inspire audiences. His down to earth style and no-nonsense attitude is well received by audiences and his messages are taken away and remembered long after the event.

Client testimonials

Wow! Justin was well received by our audience. He delivered a very thought provoking message!

Advanced Retail Management Systems

A person with a clear sense of direction, a vision for the future and the ability to encourage and influence others to become committed to those same directions.

Australian Taxation Office.

It’s my opinion that anyone who wants to succeed in life needs to hear you speak. You have given me the extra drive I was searching for.

ITN Group

Thoroughly entertaining, informative and inspiring. An extremely effective communicator, a dynamic personality, an energetic and influential individual.

Hand Brake Turn

Thank you for your inspiring words at our Motor Show Breakfast. I have fielded so many call from the Dealer network stating how motivating your speech was and also your ability to connect with each and every one of us.

Mercedes Car Group

Justin is the best speaker we have ever had for any of our conferences. His content, delivery style and messages rang plenty of bells and enabled us to end the conference on a high note.


I was particularly pleased with how you focused on customer service and its importance, accompanied with your down to earth examples of your philosophies in action. You certainly tailored your experiences to relate to the people on my team.

Boots Outdoor World

Justin Herald’s ability to connect with people at all stages of life and from all walks of life is exceptional. I have never seen our management group so unanimous about anything before. They all loved it!

Vision Group Australia

Justin was received well by the Lifeline group. What he had to share was relevant and certainly entertaining. What Justin delivered was what I was looking for.


He certainly connected well with the audience and was engaging throughout. People were talking about how great the speaker was for days afterwards.

Ray White Canberra