Juanita Phillips

Author, Broadcaster, Journalist, Keynote Speaker & MC

Juanita Phillips is one of Australia's most experienced television news anchors. The face of the ABC's flagship 7pm bulletin ABC News, Juanita has also anchored the news for the world's two largest news organisations - the BBC and CNN - in London.

Having risen to the top of her profession, Juanita is an exceptional speaker who delivers essential insights to women of all ages and at all stages, in doing so, helping them manage their personal, professional and financial lives with confidence.

More about Juanita Phillips:

Juanita began her career as a cadet journalist on The Courier-Mail in Brisbane in 1982, straight from high school. Returning home after backpacking around the world for three years, became a senior feature writer and columnist for The Courier-Mail.

In 1990, Juanita was offered a job as current affairs journalist at Channel Ten where she stayed for six years, eventually moving to Sydney to become co-anchor of the Five O'Clock News. She then moved to Sky News - Australia's first cable news service - as its senior presenter. When Sky debuted in 1996, Juanita was the first newsreader on air, welcoming Australians to a whole new era of 24-hour news.

In 1997, she headed to London hoping to break into international television and became the anchor of BBC World's flagship morning program The World Today, broadcasting to millions of viewers worldwide. On her second day in the job, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident, and Juanita was part of the BBC's international coverage, packaging news reports for world-wide syndication. A week later, she co-anchored BBC World's coverage of Diana's funeral.

Juanita moved on to the American cable news network CNN, anchoring their flagship breakfast program CNN Today in London. She became their senior London anchor and in 1999, was chosen as one of only two non-American anchors presenting CNN's Millennium celebrations, the largest live news event ever attempted with one hundred hours non-stop live rolling coverage. Following the September 11 attacks on the United States, Juanita returned to Australia.

Juanita Phillips is also the author of a series of children's books, The Newspaper Kids, aimed at ages 7 to 12, and has written extensively for newspapers and magazines, including the "Lunch With ..." column for the prestigious Bulletin magazine.

In 2010, she wrote the best-selling memoir "A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life - how to have it all, do it all and keep it all together" which tells the story of her own struggle to balance a busy career with family life, and offers practical solutions for other working parents. Her experience as an older first-time mother forms a chapter in the book Late Babies (by Sandra Maclean) and she has spoken extensively on the subjects of motherhood, career, writing and personal growth.

Juanita Phillips talks about:

Juanita Phillips' keynote presentations are tailored to be relevant and insightful for women of all ages and at all stages of their careers. Drawing on personal anecdotes from over 40 years in the workforce, she discusses the challenges women routinely face (pregnancy, childbirth, divorce, elderly parents, health crises and more), how much things have changed for women, and how much has stayed the same. Juanita speaks about the hurdles women and other carers face as they develop in their professional careers, how corporate culture can be changed to embrace women and how men can be convinced to move forward with women and enjoy the benefits that come from a fairer, more flexible workplace. Importantly, Juanita discusses how to juggle differing workloads and personal responsibilities, maintain good mental and physical health, plan and manage their financial future and support each other through formal mentoring arrangements, but more commonly support just through sharing our stories and the wisdom we've acquired along the as well as sharing stories and wisdom.