Jon Dee

NSW Australian of the Year 2010, Planet Ark co-founder, change agent

Jon Dee is the founder and managing director of the Australian advocacy organisation 'Do Something'. In 1991 he also co-founded Planet Ark with his good friend Pat Cash to show people and businesses how to reduce their impact on the environment.

His award as NSW Australian of the Year 2010 recognised John as one of Australia's most influential figures on environmental issues. He has been instrumental in creating positive change in the daily habits of millions of Australians which will help to change our planet for the better.

Jon initiated the lobbying campaign that led to Australia's three- year phase-out of incandescent light globes - a move that is saving Australians hundreds of millions of dollars and which has been adopted by other countries.

In 2010-11 he initiated and ran the successful campaign to bring about a voluntary ban on phosphates in laundry detergents. This will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the 1.9 billion laundry washes that Australian households carry out every year. Jon has also been the driving force behind the campaign to ban plastic bags.

Jon is a highly sought-after motivational and environmental speaker in Australia and around the world. His message appeals to a wide ranging audience, from school children, community groups through to the rural community and CEOs. His multi-media presentations give real-world case studies of companies who have improved their bottom line by ?doing more with less?, helping their bank balances and the environment at the same time. By addressing issues such as population growth and resource scarcity, he also outlines the reasons why taking environmental action in business makes sound economic sense and gives practical tips on how to do this.

Jon's corporate clients include Hewlett-Packard, Commonwealth Bank, McDonald's, ANZ, Toyota, NAB, BMW, Fosters and many others. His speaking engagements have taken place in Australia, Italy, Taiwan, America, the United Kingdom, France and Singapore.

Many businesses in Australia are concerned about the increasing cost of energy and raw materials but are unaware of the ways that they can reduce their day-to-day operational costs. In his best-seller Sustainable Growth, Jon shows what companies can do to improve their bottom line whilst reducing their impact on the environment. It has become the definitive sustainability guidebook for Australian business with 90,000 copies in print.

Together with Olivia Newton-John, Jon also founded National Tree Day, an event that has planted 16 million trees and achieved significant environmental results - food and shelter for Australia's native wildlife.

Jon Dee also instigated The 10% Challenge,,, National Recycling Week and He was also the founder of World Environment News, the world's leading environmental news service used annually by eight million people.

In 1989, Jon founded Rock Aid Armenia, a music fundraiser for which he recruited the help of Pink Floyd, Queen, Bon Jovi and other leading rock bands. His all-star version of 'Smoke on the Water' was a top 40 UK hit and featured many of the world's top rock stars. In 2009 the President of Armenia awarded Jon 'The Order of Honor' -the highest honour that Armenia can bestow on a foreign citizen - to recognise his ongoing work helping the disadvantaged in the Armenian earthquake zone.

In 2007, Jon was the media spokesperson for the Australian release of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth DVD and organised the sponsorship and distribution of the 'An Inconvenient Truth' leaflet to 5 million homes Australia-wide.

In 2008, Jon presented the Tipping Point TV series on The Weather Channel. Broadcast on the hour, 24 hours a day for a whole year, his three-minute segments showed people what they could do to combat climate change.

In 2011 the Federal Government appointed Jon as the environmental champion for the NBN. His role is to educate the public about the NBN.

In 2014 John completed his new book on energy efficiency for business, a follow-up to his previous best-selling business guide book. The initiative was funded with an $870,000 grant from the Federal Government and is being turned into 25 different websites for 25 different business sectors. It will reinforce John's position as the leading speaker in Australia on corporate sustainability and corporate efficiency.

John has also opened the new music school that he was building in the Armenian earthquake zone. The school, which was opened by the President of Armenia, caters for 200 children a year. He has also launched a new international initiative called 'One Tree Per Child' co-founded with Olivia Newton-John.

Client testimonials

The feedback from delegates has been extremely positive with many saying that they identified with your simple but refreshing approach to sustainability in that it is good business sense about about doing more with less. The delegates were also very excited to receive a copy of your book, Sustainable Growth

Association of Building Sustainability Assessors

Jon was exceptional - incredibly well prepared, right on target with the topic, with an interesting presentation that held the audience's attention. Jon engaged the audience both during and after the event, making a real effort to discuss issues with the audience over lunch. Jon was also most accommodating regarding media after the event. He was a pleasure to have and an asset to the event

Central West Catchment Management Authority

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak at Frocomm's 2010 Public Relations & Corporate Communications Conference in Sydney in August. The feedback about your speaking slot has been fantastic, with delegates voting you the joint number one best speaker along with author/speaker Gerry McCusker from PR Disasters. Your confidence on stage and your willingness to share insights into exciting case studies really appealed to the delegates. Comments from delegates like "great", "very impressive" and "inspiring" clearly show knowledge of your subject, that you are a professional public speaker, and that you truly engage with the delegates, especially in the Q&A sessions. Delegates also commented on your excellent use of visual aids such as video and photos. I would be delighted to recommend you to any conference organiser seeking a professional, confident and polished speaker

Frocomm Australia

Jon continues to meet our expectations with regard to the content and messages he delivers in talks conducted on our behalf. He is also extremely amenable with regard to pre-event media and media interviews on the day. Jon is an asset to our current program - I could not recommend him more highly to anyone wishing to engage a relevant, informed, approachable and engaging speaker

West Catchment Management Authority

Some delegate feedback has been - 'Great presentation. Enjoyed the think globally, act locally content;' 'It inspired me to change and act as a leader as I am in charge of the culture within the workplace and office;' 'Great to see such comprehensive change in society is achievable;' 'He was amazing and inspirational. I always see/read about these amazing people and it seems unreachable. Jon speaking about walking the talk, and having conviction in your actions made his amazing life and global changes very real.'


The presentation you provided was not only inspirational with a wealth of practical resources it was also exceptionally well presented. It is a rare occurrence for me to be so moved to take the stage and make such an impromptu congratulatory address. Your presentation however had that effect on me … The industry holds a great number of people who provide loving care and support to older Australians. Your presentation will help many of them as they work alongside LASA in the promotion of age services to help older Australians to live well.

General Peter Cosgrove