Johanna Griggs

TV Host, Former Olympic Swimmer

Johanna Griggs is the confident, ever smiling personality on Australia's longest running lifestyle program, Better Homes and Gardens and a sports presenter. She is also a columnist and a former Australian swimming champion.

Whether she's touring a celebrity's house, planting a garden or grilling tennis players at the Australian Open, she is always happy and seen to be having a great time.

A focused, friendly and intelligent woman, Johanna Griggs is the ideal corporate host and MC. A true professional with the ability to make her audience feel at ease and draw out pertinent information from guest speakers regardless of their experience, Johanna ensures every event she hosts runs smoothly and maximises the experience for the audience.

More about Johanna Griggs:

Like a lot of swimmers, Joanna Griggs started swimming on the recommendation from her doctors to help control her severe asthma. When she discovered, quite late, that she had the potential to be very good at it, she delighted in the rigid training regimen.

She was devastated when, at 17, she started getting tired and was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue. She lost her career, her sponsors and many of the people she thought of as friends. She went from having the world at her feet to watching it all fall away, as easily as water.

Johanna fought back and regained her strength to try out for the 1992 Olympic swimming team, however she had to pull out when the strain of training returned her to hospital with pleurisy. In 1993, she returned to compete, this time successfully, in the 50-metre backstroke at the Australian Swimming Championships. She achieved the fastest time in the world so far that year.

Johanna Griggs media career began the moment she retired from swimming following her Australian championship win. She was offered positions with several stations but kicked off her broadcasting career with Seven. Since then, she has hosted sports events, appeared on Good News Week, Sportsworld and The Fat, written for New Idea and presented Better Homes and Gardens for several years.

Client testimonials

The best MC I have worked with in over 20 years of event management.

Macquarie University Sports Association