JJ Ferrari

Business Woman, Change Agent and Keynote Speaker

JJ Ferrari was 53 with a successful career in business when she transitioned her gender from male to female. It was the biggest challenge she had set for herself, yet there were many more to overcome.

JJ tells her story to audiences around the country. In the process, she teaches people to harness the power of transitions and rethink life's rules in both their personal and professional spheres.

With passion and conviction, JJ Ferrari provides strategies, models and formulas drawn from her 30 plus years as a successful business leader, combined with her incredible life experiences.

More about JJ Ferrari:

Joanna Ferrari (or JJ Ferrari as she prefers to be known) has achieved degrees in biology, nutrition and nursing. She grew an Australian telecom business from $10 million to $80 million in under three years and is a former CEO for Anthony Robbins, and three other companies. She has trained, coached and consulted to over 1,800 businesses with her Business Prosperity course.

JJ wrote and taught High-Speed Selling in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. She created The Selling You book and course for the State of Illinois and, over a period of 4.5 years, successfully had 4000 people placed in new jobs in less than 12 weeks.

It was during her major transition from male to female that JJ learnt to draw on all her internal resources as she figured out how to navigate this new uncharted wilderness. She lived with uncertainty for over three years. She couldn't get work, she lived on borrowed money and time. It seemed that she and the world had all but forgotten the successful person she once was. She finally fell into a depression and her transition almost became fatal.

The final blow was dealt to her when she got to a staggering 79 cents in the bank. She realised she was about to become homeless and her son, who was her only support, would have to go to the streets with her.

JJ found her breaking point and her moment of courage in a single instance. From that day she turned the challenges that almost took her life, into a powerful comeback story.

Today JJ is happy in life and has again become a well-respected business coach, transition/performance consultant, requested keynote speaker and author. JJ has coached and presented for major corporations such as PwC, Medibank, BT Financial, Westpac, St George Bank, CBA, AFP, TEDx, LinkedIn, Google, Europcar, Big Brother-Big Sister, Lend Lease, Optus, American Express, Telstra and Salesforce.

JJ Ferrari speaks about:

Fear into confidence: Lessons from a lifetime of change - FEAR holds a permanent place in the human psyche - it has been handed down by people we are supposed to trust - parents, teachers and authorities. Fear gets the blame for most things bad and negative that happen to us, unless like JJ you've had a deep, dark run in with it. When you do, you come to know fear as a powerful, controllable, desirable ally, not your nemesis. When you are in a fearful state, when you can sit in it without panic and still remain clear and conscious of what you need to do, you see fear differently. To the masses it still remains a chaotic and insurmountable barrier to be overcome. Successful people look for it in their life and dealings to help them make inspired decisions when others will not. When you learn that fear is an energy that you can convert to confidence you won't become ‘fearless', but you will fear less and find yourself facing change and challenges with greater ease and achieving more of what you want and need.

Transition-ABLE: Harness the power of transitions - When you better know the phases and types of transitions, plus the ‘transitional patterns for your business and industry' you'll have a valuable set of skills that put your business in a class of its own. JJ gives you all of these plus a formula and model for getting into, out of, or unstuck from transitions. JJ brings her 30 years of business experience and her six years of being in personal transition to this presentation. She leaves her audiences knowing how to proactively predict and prepare for their next transition, what steps can be taken during and how to recover afterwards. To be transition-ABLE is to succeed!

Client testimonials

JJ was such a raw, powerful and wonderful speaker across our IWD series in Melbourne and Sydney. She was such a fantastic addition to our lineup - we absolutely loved having her there!

Business Chicks

JJ Ferrari is definitely one of a kind speaker; she will not only challenge your thinking but also make you walk away with not one, but several 'aha moments.


JJ was the closing speaker at our TEDxMelbourne 2016 event. She delivered the most powerful and passionate talk of the day and ended up with a well deserved standing ovation (hard to do on a TEDx stage).

Jon Yeo/ Licensee and Curator at TEDx Melbourne

In an incredible and unforgettable session with our legal team, that was simultaneously humorous and poignant, JJ scratched deep beneath the surface to help us unearth the reasons why some of us get stuck in a fixed mindset and to encourage us to persevere in the face of uncertainty and risk, and to embrace change and challenge in our careers. She has set the wheels in motion for us to embark on our own personal and professional transitions and venture into unchartered territory. JJ has forever shifted the needle in helping us to become the better version of ourselves, to be open to new opportunities in what we do day to day in the office as well as reminding us to hold firm to what we truly believe in. Highly recommended!

ANZ Legal

Dear JJ, on behalf of YWCA Australia I wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for presenting as a Keynote Speaker at the SHE Leads Conference. Participant’s feedback rated your presentation “Rethinking Life” as excellent and received a high number of additional outstanding comments. We felt your presentation was an excellent way to end the conference and the way you delivered your presentation kept people engaged right until the end.


I engaged JJ to be part of a panel discussing Homophobia and Transphobia in the workplace as part of Westpac Group's support for IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia). JJ was honest and open, sharing her experiences and raising awareness of overt and subtle transphobia. She is a great communicator and engages very well with her audience. We received great feedback and JJ was the stand out guest, with many learnings from audience members coming from JJ's input. I look forward continuing to work with her in the future.

St George Retail Bank